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The Volvo Group passes the milestone of one million connected customer assets

UD Trucks Corp proudly announces that the Volvo Group, of which UD Trucks is a member, has delivered more than one million connected customer assets, in terms of delivered trucks, buses, and construction equipment. UD Trucks has independently delivered 60,000 connected trucks. The large amount of data collected is used to improve productivity by increasing vehicle and machine uptime, reducing emissions and noise, as well as improving traffic and site safety.

The Volvo Group passes the milestone of one million connected customer assets

“The connected solutions bring increased vehicle and construction equipment uptime for our customers, better safety for drivers, operators and other road users – and of course – less emissions of carbon dioxide. The first million connected assets is only the start, we are committed to remain a leader in this field,” says Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO of the Volvo Group.

“The Volvo Group is a pioneer in connected vehicles and we use the knowledge and insights we get from connectivity in strategic alliances with customers and other partners to speed up the innovation cycle,” says Lars Stenqvist, Chief Technology Officer at the Volvo Group.

UD Trucks has independently delivered 60,000 connected trucks, as part of its goal to increase the number of connected trucks to 150,000 by 2025. Connectivity is the enabler of technologies like automation, electromobility and smart logistics. It is a central part of UD Trucks’ innovation roadmap towards 2030.

Use-case of Volvo Connect

Volvo Group uses data from connected vehicles and construction equipment to develop solutions that provide real value to the customer as well as to the society at large.

The Volvo Group passes the milestone of one million connected customer assets

For example, connected Volvo buses use Zone Management to let the vehicle itself use downloaded data to comply with local traffic restrictions such as emission zones, noise zones and areas with speed limits.

Connectivity – for sustainable society

For owners of construction equipment, trucks and buses uptime is vital. Thanks to the collected data, wear on crucial parts can be predicted, services planned and spare parts ordered in advance – all reducing downtime for the owner, thus leading to increased productivity. For example, this is what Renault Trucks offers with its new Excellence Predict offer.

The Volvo Connect system combines all digital and connected services for Volvo’s truck customers into one single interface, making the everyday trucking operations run smoothly.
In construction equipment, the fleet management system CareTrack allows customers and dealers to monitor productivity data

Finally, for Swedish customer NCC, a weight control solution has been developed, allowing the construction equipment operator and the truck driver to monitor the load capacity in real time. The result is a transport solution with higher productivity and lower environmental impact.

“Connectivity is transforming the transportation industry. Insights from gathered data can be turned into value for our customers and society as a whole and make transportation more productive, more sustainable and safer”, says Anna Westerberg, Senior Vice President at Volvo Group Connected Solutions. we imagine the future, the concept truck will be intricately connected to its surroundings, including other trucks, infrastructure and people. The truck will employ various technologies such as personalized displays and camera monitoring systems – all taking smart logistics to a new level of ease, efficiency and safety.

The Volvo Group passes the milestone of one million connected customer assets


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