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SVI Anti-riot Hydraulic Scraper for Land Cruiser 79

  • Allows vehicle to push safely through riot barricades
  • Hydraulically lowered and raised
  • Adds around 100 kg only
  • Now available for the Toyota Land Cruiser 79
  • Soon available for Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger bakkies

SVI Engineering, specialist manufacturer of armoured products, has been contacted by its clients in the mining and security industries for a solution in clearing road barricades during riot action. Designed from scratch, the SVI anti-riot scraper more than meets the requirements by enabling standard vehicles, like the Toyota Land Cruiser 79, to safely clear a path through the debris to allow security and medical personnel access to critical locations.


The SVI anti-riot scraper and hydraulic power pack come as a unit for easy installation in a couple of hours. The mass of around 100 kg is comparable to a standard bulbar and winch fitted to many off-road vehicles.

Functioning as a normal bumper in the raised position, it can be hydraulically lowered (and raised) by pressing a button inside the cabin. Different angles of attack are available depending on the obstacle that needs to be moved.

A fire-extinguishing option is available that can be fitted to the blade to extinguish burning objects as the vehicle approaches them.


The first unit is now available for the Toyota Land Cruiser 79 (and its MAX 3 derivative) but SVI can adapt the system for many other vehicles upon request. SVI is currently developing a version for the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger bakkies.


The SVI scraper takes 4 weeks to manufacture from order and installation is completed in less than a day. The retail cost for the SVI anti-riot scraper for the Land Cruiser 79 is R 64,995.00 ex VAT.


SVI was formed in 2004 as an innovative mechanical engineering firm specialising in armoured vehicles. The company is a market leader in Africa serving the individual, corporate, security, mining and governmental markets. SVI is BEE level 2 and its quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 by TÜV Rheinland.


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