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From A to B (and whatever’s in between) with Scania Touring

Scania Touring

Scania’s versatile coach is designed to meet all the different demands

Scania touring buses and coaches are known for their outstanding operating economy. Each component is engineered to improve the performance of the vehicle, and these Scanias set the highest standards for fuel economy, drivability, road handling, reliability and uptime.

Every bus or coach model can be customised to ensure that operators get the best solution possible for their particular operation, whether it is in terms of passenger capacity, seating plans, comfort levels or any other key criteria.

The Scania Touring concept With its powerfully sculptured exterior, Scania’s versatile coach is designed to meet all the different demands of occasional and regular service. From guided tours in the city to crosscountry trips, Scania Touring supports operators over a broad range of transport needs.

Styling and engineering of this calibre is a clear statement for any operator’s business. Derived from Scania’s rich heritage of quality and uptime, operators can get full support for their entire vehicle from one single point of contact. From bumper to bumper, all parts, maintenance and repairs are done through Scania’s regional sales and service network.

Scania Touring
“Moving people and changing minds” – that is Scania’s stated mission regarding their offering of buses and coaches for public transport, long distance cross-border and coach operators

Scania Touring

In addition, they offer in-house finance and insurance solutions, driver training and coaching, tyre maintenance and many other services.

Scania Finance offers tailored finance plans according to customer needs. Through their in-house insurance offering, Scania helps minimise loss by handling damages swiftly and effectively, increasing uptime.

Both finance and insurance solutions are important parts of Scania’s holistic approach and can be integrated with repair and maintenance contracts, and the Scania Assistance package.

Driver training is provided by professional and experienced instructors at the Scania Driver Training Academy, as they believe continuous training ensures that drivers maintain a professional level of competency, including road safety awareness, as well as a broad knowledge of operating a Scania vehicle.

For operators focusing on the best total operating economy, Scania’s transport solution is destined to be a profit source for many years to come. According to Scania, operators can be assured that the company will be ‘with them throughout their journey’.

The Scania Touring coach has a proven, durable body and an advanced chassis design, delivering superior fuel consumption and the best possible uptime. The Touring is available as a 6×2/4 configuration with a capacity of 53 or 60 seats.

Other configurations are also available, depending on the type of transport requirement. With the three-axle version, operators gain greater load capacity while still retaining manoeuvrability via the steered tag-axle, which reduces tyre wear.

A fully automated gearbox, Opticruise, is standard and optimises fuel consumption and minimises driver abuse. The luggage compartment is designed to fulfil any need within occasional or regular service.

Pneumatically controlled luggage doors give access to the compartments, making it easier to load and off-load even in tight spaces. A number of attractive interior designs are available. Operators can choose between the Classic-line and the Comfort-line, each with different upholstery and colour options.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa