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BMG at Nampo 2019

BMG’s stand at Nampo 2019 will showcase the company’s extensive range of agricultural components, which has been carefully selected for farmers, to ensure high productivity, low maintenance requirements and extended service life.

BMG at Nampo
Through BMG’s Boer Slim/Smart Farming initiative, BMG’s agricultural experts are able to prove to farmers that the use of high-quality equipment and replacement parts, rather than ‘cheap’ and inferior components, is critical to long-term profitability.

“Nampo provides the perfect opportunity for the agricultural team to interact with the local farming community, to keep abreast with exact requirements and changing agri-trends,” says Carlo Beukes, BMG’s agricultural manager. “We also use this platform to highlight how important it is for farmers to invest in quality equipment and components, to be able to achieve high efficiencies and optimum productivity, in all sectors of agriculture.

“Through BMG’s Boer Slim/Smart Farming initiative, which was launched six years ago, BMG’s agricultural experts prove to farmers that the use of high-quality equipment and replacement parts, rather than ‘cheap’ and inferior components, is critical to long-term profitability.

“BMG works closely with farmers, to help them cope with advancements in agricultural machinery. Farming-sustainability solutions focus on effective food production, the correct use of suitable equipment for specific tasks and the efficient application of the latest technologies.”

On display at BMG’s stands – 15 and 16 in the Santam Hall – will be a wide range of agricultural products from the company’s specialist divisions, including bearings, seals, power transmission, drives and motors, materials handling, tools and fasteners, hydraulics and fluid technology.

Of particular interest this year, are frequency inverters that produce an optimised power supply to drive the electric motor, allowing the motor to operate under conditions that simulate a full-load response. Since the efficiency of an electric motor peaks at its full load rating, the motor is ‘tricked’ into functioning at peak efficiency.

BMG at Nampo
BMG’s range of agricultural ironware includes a wide selection of couplings, coulter and harrow discs, ripper points, harvester blades, pick-up twines and tie tod cylinders.

Additionally, high starting currents are drawn by directly-connected mains-fed motors, when starting high-inertia loads, such as compressors. The ramp acceleration feature of inverters dynamically controls the gradual acceleration of the load, resulting in reduced power consumption. These frequency inverters, which are easy to programme, have an automatic re-set facility.

BMG’s Motoline solar inverters for photovoltaic (PV) water pumps, designed for dependable use in agricultural irrigation and water feed systems, will also be on display.

All solar powered systems require a solar inverter to convert direct current (DC) generated by solar panels or other alternative sources, into alternating current (AC). The Motoline P19000-S Solar series inverters water pumps have integrated Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithms, which support accurate tracking of the PV output, to ensure the best possible power output is achieved.

High-performance features of these solar inverters include dry-run protection, tank water level control and a dual AC and DC supply mode. This series supports AC input connectivity, in addition to the DC input from a PV system, allowing the AC input to feed the drive when the PV supply is limited. A clear LED display indicates the real-time situation and system parameters and the RS485 remote control system enhances the flexibility of the system.

Motoline P19000 Solar inverters have built-in protection and diagnostic mechanisms to provide full electronic protection to the motor and pump system, minimising maintenance requirements and extending the service life of the system.

BMG’s working demonstrations at Nampo will showcase how electronic, fluid technology, tools and power transmission components operate competently together, to form an efficient system that enhances productivity and minimises energy consumption.

BMG at Nampo
BMG’s Motoline solar inverters for photovoltaic (PV) water pumps, which ensure dependable use in agricultural irrigation and water feed systems, will also be on display.

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