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Criterion Equipment launches new TCM FB-IX electric forklift trucks

New to Criterion Equipment’s range of TCM forklift trucks is the recently-launched 4-wheel electric counter-balance FB-IX series, designed for high productivity and safe operation in all material handling applications.

Criterion Equipment launches new TCM FB-IX electric counter-balance forklift trucks

TCM is constantly upgrading the design of its eco-friendly electric forklift trucks for greater controllability, enhanced safety, minimal maintenance requirements, improved environmental cleanliness and operator comfort. Production of the new FB-IX series is scheduled to start in April 2020.

The new counter-balance FB-IX series – a Class 1 sit-down rider type machine, available with standard and long wheel bases and capacities between 1,0 and 2,5 T – has been designed to optimise work efficiency in any logistics operation.

These robust battery-powered forklift trucks have advanced design features for reliability and durability, including a rigid single-piece, integrated frame and side body. A cast steel bumper protects the rear frame from impacts that occur during busy operations, significantly extending the life of the machine. The IPX4 Index Protection (IP) rating prevents the ingress of water spray from all directions, even during outdoor operation in rainy conditions.

 “What’s also important are new energy-saving features that improve productivity by ensuring low electric consumption and allowing longer working hours per charge,” explains Brenton Kemp, managing director of Criterion Equipment, part of the Capital Equipment Group (CEG) of Invicta Holdings Limited. “Users are able to easily select the most suitable operating mode for travelling or load handling, to suit specific driving skills and working conditions. There are three ECO modes available – Power (P), Normal (N) or Custom (C). In addition, selection of N mode and ECO mode together, provides up to 11h30 of operation time before the next battery charge is necessary.

“The custom mode allows easy adjustment of the truck’s characteristics for efficient operation in all conditions. This includes control of acceleration and response of the accelerator and hydraulic lever, to suit the operator’s preferences. And to save unnecessary power consumption during truck idling, an ‘auto power off’’ facility cuts the power off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity. This also acts as a safety feature to prevent possible accidents when the operator gets back on the forklift.”

Electric energy is efficiently recovered by the standard TCM regeneration system which includes accelerator-off, switch-backs, braking, slowing down on downhill and lift/tilt operations.

Criterion Equipment launches new TCM FB-IX electric counter-balance forklift trucks

The optional ‘smooth run system’ has two accumulators that absorb vibrations in the lift cylinder when going over bumps, to enhance safe and comfortable operation. This system also reduces shocks and noise levels during all stages of load handling – from no load to full load.

Another option is the choice of standard lead-acid batteries or Lithium Ion batteries for enhanced propulsion. Added this, is a battery exchange facility, where both fork-in and fork-out and roll-in and roll-out types, are available for easy battery replacement.

Optional attachments for this series include fork extension sleeves, fork positioners, load grabs, rotating forks and wide view masts.

The ergonomically designed operator’s compartment offers improved comfort and greater controllability. In situations where operators need to get on and off the truck frequently – particularly in warehouse applications – the low-floor and wide-step designs, significantly reduce operator fatigue.

Criterion Equipment – the sole distributor of TCM forklift trucks in South Africa – offers a national technical advisory, spare parts, repair and maintenance service.

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