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Linde forklifts, the preferred ‘lift’ for customers

Praise from Mondi

Linde forklifts at Mondi
Jenny Moodley, Service Manager, Linde; Chappy Moodley, Branch Manager, Linde; Claude Reddy, Logistics Manager at Mondi; Yugeshni Pillay, Distribution Co-Ordinator at Mondi.

Mondi has once again displayed the preference when it comes to forklifts: Linde. Five H70D/H80D Linde 7-ton and 8-ton forklift trucks were delivered to the Mondi Paper and Pulp Manufacturing plant located in Richards Bay during March.

The trucks are an addition to their already existing fleet of narrow-isle forklift trucks, reach trucks and counterbalance diesel trucks. It was not only because of the highly-valued and long-standing relationship between Mondi and Linde, which spans almost 20 years, that was the deciding factor in purchasing these trucks, but also the quality and service provided by the Linde Durban staff.

The Linde trucks have a global reputation of being the most suitable truck in the paper and pulp industry, withstanding tough applications and high utilisation.

Linde forklifts in PE
Gary Vermaak, Sales Executive, Linde PE; Nico Blake, Executive Director Langkloof Bricks; Una Black, founder, Langkloof Bricks; Dean Lawson, Regional Branch Manager, Linde PE; and Deon Coetzee, Langkloof Bricks.

Langkloof Bricks cements relationship

Langkloof Bricks recently took delivery of three H45D and two H25D Linde forklifts, cementing a relationship going back 20 years.

Nico Blake, Executive Director of Langkloof Bricks, says: “The exceptional service levels, quality of machines and the competence of staff experienced over this period made it a no brainer as to which machines to buy again.

“The Linde forklifts perfect for working in confined areas, as well as in big sheds where sound is amplified by the high roof structures. “Machines are allocated to different areas: the H45D and the H25D to the production division; the H45D to the drying division; and one H45D and one H25D to the vertical shaft brick kiln (VSBK) firing division.

Energy efficiency is one of our highest priorities at Langkloof Bricks and as such it was important to choose forklifts that fit into that profile. “As the VSBK divisions operates on a 24/7 principle, exceptionally high levels of machine availability is non-negotiable, a principle that Dean Lawson, Branch Manager and his team at Linde Port Elizabeth understands completely.”

Lawson says: “We believe the experience we have enjoyed with the Linde team from PE over the last 20 years, will stand our relationship in good stead for the future.”

Linde forklifts in KZN
Michael Burns, Linde KZN Regional Sales Manager; Chappy Moodley, KZN Linde Branch Manager; Kevin Chetty, Linde Product Support; Nishal Ramavather, DC Manager at Vector Logistics; and Henry Barry, OPS Manager at Vector Logistics.

Vector Logistics commits to Linde Forklifts

Linde has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Vector Logistics for some 15 years. Vector Logistics, which is a specialised frozen third-party logistics-service provider, has facilities throughout the country.

Nationally, their Linde fleet consists of around 63 lift-trucks. Excellent quality of the Linde trucks, as well as the added professional service that Linde Durban provides the Vector Logistics KZN Branch, prompted them to add another two units to their fleet.

Chappy Moodley, Linde Branch Manager, KZN, and his team were on hand to present the two new E14-386 units to Vector Logistics.

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