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Heavy lifting during maintenance for the railways sector – Dinamic Oil

BMG supplies the local railways sector with custom-designed planetary gearboxes for use in railway maintenance programmes.

“Dinamic Oil gearboxes, which are supplied with 22 kW brake motors, are used to lift, turn and hold railway coaches securely in place during maintenance procedures, like welding and machining,” says Kelly Mac Iver, Gears Manager, BMG. “A notable feature of this system is enhanced safety during operation. Prior to the introduction of these planetary gear units, large overhead cranes were used for lifting, turning and holding during maintenance and this was a highly dangerous operation.”

These planetary gear units have a nominal output torque of 210 000 Nm and turn 15 T railway coaches at 1 rev/min. Other advantages of these energy-saving units include efficiency at low RPM’s, easy access for maintenance, a smaller box for a given load and a wide range of ratio permutations.


The Italian range of Dinamic Oil planetary gearboxes is distributed exclusively in Southern Africa by BMG.

BMG offers a technical advisory and support service to ensure efficient performance and extended service life of every system. Substantial stock is held to ensure quick and efficient delivery throughout the entire Southern African region


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