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UD Trucks Celebrates Transport Month Transport Touches Every Sphere of Society

So we are in Transport Month – a dedicated period in which we hopefully bring transport to the top of mind for those of us who work in the transport industry but also create some additional awareness for the phenomenon that is transport.

Transport comes in many shapes and forms but for us at UD Trucks, well it is about trucks. There are, however, many facets that are intertwined with the trucks that load each and every type of commodity, goods or payload.

Thinking about transport in the month of transport, UD Trucks thought it would be good to pay homage to the all  involved in the industry

In thinking about transport in this the month of transport, we at UD Trucks thought it would be good to pay homage to the all the thousands of people involved in the industry, both upstream and downstream.

We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to the factory worker, the shop floor steward, the artisans, the storekeeper, the miners, the office workers, accountants, stock controllers, sales consultants, the forklift operators, the engineers, building contractors, traffic officers, toll booth attendants, road construction workers, the plumbers, the till attendants, the fuel pump attendants, security guards, the waiters and chefs, the journalists, the bakers, the handymen, the painters and hardware men and women.

Let us not forget the doctors and nurses, the homecare givers, the social workers and teachers, lecturers and students, the lawyers, the politicians, councillors, the policemen and women, the farmers, shepherds, cattlemen and planters, the communicators, the social media whiz. The bus conductor, musicians the librarians, lifeguards, seaman captains and crew, the air traffic controller, the pilot and air hosts. The luggage handlers, the train drivers and signalman – the one who controls that stop and go.

UD Trucks Timeline Poster - transport month

We could go on and on and there are still many more that are not mentioned here

What about the sportsman, the commentator, the camera operator, the blogger, the coach, the moms and dads? The gardeners, the pest controllers, the electricians, the postmen, the bankers, the insurers, the hotel workers, the laundry attendants, the seamstress, the clothe maker, the butcher, the junk collector, garbage recycler, game warden, the fence installer, the cable guy, the jockey, the clergymen, the philosophers, the shipbuilders.

We could go on and on and there are still many more that are not mentioned here. To you all we give a heartfelt thanks.

But most importantly, we know as we all are touched by transport in our everyday lives we would like to single out two of those directly involved with trucks. That is the drivers of the trucks that bring all the things to us and the technicians who with their assistants, repair and maintain the trucks.

To the transport managers, foreman, dealers, suppliers, bodybuilders, owners, operators, dock loaders, forklift drivers and each and everyone in the transport industry, we salute you!

Keep on trucking!
Your family in transport,


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