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Mercedes-Benz Trucks displays innovative military solutions at AAD exhibition

PRETORIA – Mercedes-Benz is set to exhibit a selection of its military offerings at this year’s Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) exhibition – taking place from 14 September until 18 September at the Air Force Base in Waterkloof, Centurion.

  • Actros 3344A/45 offers innovative protection, uncompromising reliability and outstanding performance
  • Unimog U5000 provides maximum mobility in the toughest of terrains

“As an international innovator in the automotive industry, we are at the forefront of any and all developments in the military segment, and this foresight enables us to provide vehicles that allow our customers to respond to a number of tactical and logistical needs,” says Christo Kleynhans, Product Manager for Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

“Today’s military scenarios are changing rapidly and as Mercedes-Benz Defence Vehicles, we offer logistical vehicles and service concepts to meet mission demands while increasing efficiency with the use of smart technologies,” he adds.

“Today’s military scenarios are changing rapidly and as Mercedes-Benz Defence Vehicles…”

As part of AAD, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is displaying a selection of vehicles, including the Unimog U5000 and the Actros 3344A/45.

Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, the Unimog U5000 masters virtually every challenge. All-wheel-drive and an extremely torsionally flexible frame provide the robust vehicle with endless advantages in rough terrain. The Unimog U5000 brings crew, materials and heavy equipment to even the remotest of conflict zones.

Military solutions from Mercedes-Benz

The Actros 3344A/45 is exactly what militaries around the world require: innovative protection, uncompromising reliability, outstanding performance and an ability to withstand the toughest conditions as part of missions.

Modern-day defense missions require vehicles that provide custom-built solutions for various tasks in the southern African region, which is why Mercedes-Benz offers a wide range of vehicles to meet diverse logistical and tactical requirements.

“Our vehicles are based on large-scale truck series and this means that as the world’s largest truck manufacturer with a global reach, we make use of our extensive range of tried-and-tested parts and components. This allows us to deliver exactly those vehicles that our customers need within the shortest turnaround time,” notes Kleynhans.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks are characterised by extremely versatile vehicle concepts. At the same time there is a common thread that runs through the product portfolio: Mercedes-Benz engineering excellence.

Mercedes-Benz Defence Vehicles are characterised by their robustness, reliability, and advanced propulsion technology. Optimal interaction between high-performance drivetrain components means that high-mobility vehicles from Mercedes-Benz keep moving in many different and challenging terrains.

Full defense capability at maximum cost efficiency

Militaries throughout the world focus increasingly on the operating costs, which represent a significant part of any vehicle’s life-cycle costs. Mercedes-Benz provides vehicles that deliver full defense capability at maximum cost efficiency. Our research and development team studies the imminent and future needs of our military clients to ensure that tomorrow’s vehicles are equipped for varying demands.

Mercedes-Benz Defence Vehicles sees itself not only as a supplier of commercial vehicles, but also as a sustainable partner of modern military forces.


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