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Voith – Driven by Efficiency

At last year’s IAA show in Germany, Voith presented its product and service competency under the motto “Driven by Efficiency”. Displays included the VIAB Turbo Retarder Clutch, the multiple prize-winning Aquatarder SWR (Secondary Water Retarder) braking system and the DIWA.6 automatic transmission for city and long-distance buses were all on display.

Voith also exhibited its newly developed VR 115 CT hydraulic retarder for the Chinese market, its LP 725 and LP 490 air compressors, the 115 HV Oil Retarder “remanufactured by Voith“ as well as the DIWA SmartNet telemetric system.

Voith VR115CT
Voith VR 115 CT

Award-Winning VIAB Turbo Retarder Clutch

The VIAB Turbo Retarder Clutch combines turbo coupling and retarder in one hydrodynamic circuit and thus ensures wear-free starting and braking. This allows highly sensitive manoeuvring and starting of the vehicle even with particularly heavy loads and on difficult terrain. The system is more compact, lighter and more efficient than conventional torque converter clutches and does not overheat even during intensive manoeuvring, on uneven ground or starting at extreme inclines while the vehicle is fully laden. Efficiency, sustainability and fuel economy were in the foreground during the development of this cutting-edge system.

Voith VIAB
Voith VIAB

Braking with Water – the Aquatarder SWR

The Aquatarder SWR and the Voith DIWA.6 automatic transmissions are proven to be energy-efficient, resource-sparing components for buses, coaches and trucks. The Voith Aquatarder SWR is the first secondary retarder to brake with water, using the cooling agent of the engine for the process. This means that it does not need an additional operating medium and is able to perform up to 90% of all vehicle-braking operations wear-free. In addition, it requires only half the installation space compared with its predecessor and is 35 kg lighter.

Voith SWR Aquatarder
Voith SWR Aquatarder

Remanufactured by Voith

Apart from offering technical support and comprehensive advice, the worldwide Voith service network also provides spare parts and exchange units ‘remanufactured by Voith’. With an exchange retarder, the operator gets a unit that is on the same technical level as a new one.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa