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Doosan Digs In

There are already more than 350 Doosan excavators operating in South Africa, and with the introduction of the brand’s newest generation hydraulic excavators – the heavy-duty DX225LCA series – this is set to increase.

The new series has been designed for greater operator comfort, improved fuel efficiency, enhanced productivity and minimal maintenance requirements.

“There are currently 360 20T Doosan DX excavators in operation in the local market…

“There are currently 360 20T Doosan DX excavators in operation in the local market and we expect the improved DX- 225LCA series to further consolidate our position as a leading supplier in this size class of equipment,” says Chris Whitehead, National Sales Manager, DISA Equipment, trading as Doosan.

“These robust excavators, which are now available in Southern Africa, are fitted with special features to ensure optimum efficiency and extended service life in harsh local operating conditions.

“Design features for the African market include a Tier II mechanical engine for reduced operating costs, a heavy-duty boom and arm, as well as standard hydraulic piping for hammer applications. They also have an improved H Class bucket and are supported by Doosan with a 2-year/4 000 hour warranty,” he continues.

“This series features a range of new technologies that deliver effective control over the machine’s power and also simplify maintenance procedures. As a result, efficiency and machine durability are increased, productivity is improved and operational costs are lowered.”

Doosan introduces next generation of hydraulic Excavators
Doosan introduces next generation of hydraulic excavators

High-performance materials, combined with advanced computer assisted design techniques, including Finite Element Analysis (FEA), are used by Doosan to create robust structures and all materials and components are tested under the most extreme conditions.

FEA has been used to calculate the best distribution loads throughout the boom structure. The new strengthened boom of this series has increased material thickness, which limits element fatigue, thus increasing reliability and extending component life. A polymer shim added to the bucket pivot maintains precise control over the equipment. Cast elements are used in the arm assembly and reinforcement is added around the bosses for additional strength and extended service life. All welded structures have been designed to limit stresses.

The lateral chassis is welded and rigidly attached to the undercarriage. Tracks are composed of sealed, self-lubricating links, which are isolated from external contamination for dependability in all conditions. Mechanically bolted pins lock tracks and the hydraulic track adjuster has a shock absorbing tension mechanism.

Doosan2Doosan’s high-strength excavators have a new six-cylinder water-cooled engine that is optimised and electronically controlled to boost production, maximise fuel efficiency and ensure harmful emissions remain well below the values required for Tier II engines.

For optimum control, the electronic power optimising system provides a synchronised communication link between the engine’s electronic control unit and the hydraulic system.

A controller area network system facilitates a constant flow of information between the engine and hydraulic system, ensuring power is delivered exactly as it is needed. The company offers a national technical advisory, and maintenance and support service through its branches in Johannesburg, Durban and Wolmaransstad, and dealers in East London, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Middelburg, Kimberley, Rustenburg and Bloemfontein.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa