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truck driver

Driven to succeed – driver selection and technology

By Matthew van den Heuvel, Joint Group CEO of Econorisk. Econorisk is a leading independent risk & short-term insurance advisor. Developments in technology are evolving at a rapid pace and while this is exciting, a truck driver still plays a crucial role in the logistics industry. Drivers are one of the most important assets in…

Why partnering with a risk management specialist is key

By Matthew van den Heuvel, Joint Group CEO at Econorisk The commercial transport industry is steered by a string of events – some more controllable than others. While the economy may be tough and directly impacting the transport market, through partnerships we can navigate it and manage the risks that may occur. It is important…

Daf South African Truck Prices

TypeModelSuggested Retail Price(incl VAT)
XHVXF 105.460 SR 1360 DAF Axle 6x4 T-TR1 810 588,00

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BABCOCK DAF Service Dealer Award

Keeping DAF Trucks on the road earns Babcock the DAF Service Dealer Award Now entering its 10th year as southern Africa’s sole importer and distributor of DAF Trucks, Babcock’s Transport Solutions business continues to grow from strength to strength. Most recently, the business was presented the Sales Operations Best Service Dealer of the Year award…

DAF Trucks getting used to attention

As the sole supplier of DAF Trucks in southern Africa, Babcock has over the past nine years propelled the brand into a leading market position. An increase in demand for these reliable, robust and cost-effective trucks has seen sales of both new and used vehicles soar to record heights. Helping to meet this demand is…


Babcock boosts young freight business with 10-truck deal

Babcock International Group, sole importer and distributor of DAF Trucks in Southern Africa, has just completed an entrepreneurial deal with a relatively new entrant into the SA road freight market for ten long-distance haulage trucks. The brand new DAF XF105.460 units were delivered to Maxillaria Logistics’ Alberton premises in mid-May, and were immediately put onto…

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Faw South African New Truck Prices

TypeNameModelSuggested Retail Price(incl VAT)
HCVFAW CA 1515.180FL Ch-Cab 4x2 F-CR386 460,00
HCVFAW CA 1616.240 FL Ch-Cab 4x2 F-CR557 460,00
HCVFAW CA 1616.240 FT 4x2 T-TR557 460,00
HCVFAW CA 88.140 FL 4x2 F-CR306 660,00
XHVFAW CA 2828.280FD 6x4 TipperR967 860,00
XHVFAW CA 2828.330FL Ch-Cab 6x4 F-CR853 860,00
XHVFAW CA 2828.380FT 6x4 T-TR888 060,00
XHVFAW CA 3535.340FC 8x4 MixerR1 423 860,00

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FAW Trucks Provide Great Fuel Economy To Aid Total Cost Of Operation

FAW Trucks are highly fuel efficient and this is backed up by excellent results in the recent 2022 Focus Transport Truck Test event, with the JH6 28.500FT claiming a second in terms of fuel efficiency, against some of the best brands in the industry. “Many of us are tired of hearing about increases to petrol…

FAW Trucks Spread Its Symbolic Wings And Puts Its Customers First

The history of the FAW name and logo is both long and interesting. Today, both are instantly recognisable as symbols of quality, resilience and reliability, but delving deeper into the origins gives one a clearer understand of and appreciation for all the brand has achieved. It was more than six decades ago, under the guidance…


FAW Trucks Flourishes as a Reliable Partner to the Agricultural Sector

The agricultural industry is an integral part of FAW Trucks’ marketing strategy and the number of customers from this sector has continued to grow over the brand’s 28-year presence in South Africa. Main selling points continue to be durability and reliability, good build quality and finish, and affordable purchase prices and service and maintenance costs….

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Ford Prices

TypeModelSuggested Retail Price(incl VAT)
MCVTransit P-Van 2.2 TDCi 470 4x2 ELWBR578 900,00

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Ford Introduces Limited-Edition Ranger Thunder, Spec Upgrades on Ranger XLT, XLS

Ford Introduces Limited-Edition Ranger Thunder

The Ford Ranger is already a trend-setter in the South African market and one of the top-selling vehicles in the country. Now, continuing its ongoing evolution and offering customers a wider range of features and options, an exclusive limited-edition Ranger Thunder has been launched, which includes a raft of unique design and functional enhancements to…

Ford Transit Connect front

Ford Transit Connect – Versatile and Built for Business

PRETORIA, South Africa, 17 March, 2017 – The award-winning Ford Transit Connect has proved successful with businesses thanks to its smart looks, high level of standard features, great fuel economy and versatile load space. Now it is more capable than ever, thanks to a new 1.5-litre TDCi engine and better power output. New 1.5-litre TDCi…

Ford Transit – backbone of your business

  The Ford Transit range has been designed to deal with a multitude of urban transport needs. Customers and drivers will find their ideal fit, whether they need to transport people, tools and equipment, or heavy loads. Originally introduced two years ago, The Ford Transit line-up includes the Transit Panel Van, Transit Chassis Single Cab…

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Fuso Truck Prices

TypeModelSuggested Retail Price(incl VAT)
MCVCanter FE6-109 4x2 F-CR371 982,00
MCVCanter FG6-136 4x4 F-CR498 066,00
MCVCanter FG6-136 SWA 4x4 F-CR525 312,00
MCVCanter Lift FE6-130 TF 4x2 F-CR411 768,00
MCVCanter Lift FE7-150 AMT 4x2 F-CR465 120,00
HCVCanter Lift FE8-150 AMT 4x2 F-CR481 992,00
HCVCanter Lift FE8-150 AMT DC 4x2 F-CR531 240,00
HCVFA 9-137 4x2 F-CR437 874,00
HCVFA 9-137 4x2 TipperR432 060,00
HCVFJ 16-230L LWB 4x2 F-CR785 460,00
HCVFJ 16-230S SWB 4x2 F-CR773 148,00
HCVFK 13-240 4x2 F-CR686 280,00
HCVFM 15-270 4x2 TipperR847 590,00
HCVFM 16-270 4x2 F-C MY13R851 010,00
XHVFN 25-270 6x2 F-CR969 570,00

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FUSO Trucks heightens its foothold in Zimbabwe

FUSO Trucks heightens its foothold in Zimbabwe with an astounding deal

At an exclusively hosted handover ceremony in Zimbabwe, FUSO Trucks and its authorised general distributor, ZIMOCO celebrated their newly-formed partnership with Baker’s Inn with a substantial delivery of 50 FUSO FE7-136 brand-new trucks. In line with the company’s vehicle replacement policy, the first 50 units handed over form part of the massive order of 250…

FUSO FJ26-280C

New FUSO models extend the range

FUSO Trucks, a part of Daimler Trucks & Buses Southern Africa has added four new models to its successful line-up and has facelifted five of its existing models with new significant and technologically advanced features. The new models are the FI12-170, the FJ18-280S (short wheelbase), the FJ18-280L (long wheelbase) and the FJ26-280. The four new…

Peace-of-mind offer from FUSO

FUSO Trucks, a part of Daimler Trucks & Buses Southern Africa, strengthened its commitment to the South African truck market by introducing an incredibly generous offer to local transporters.  This is an attractive proposition especially for start-ups, SMMEs, smaller fleet owners needing to extend their fleets and those who wish to expand their fleets at…


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Hino Truck Prices

TypeModelSuggested Retail Price(incl VAT)
MCVHino 300 614 LWB 4x2 F-C MY12R406 456,00
MCVHino 300 614 SWB 4x2 F-C ATR414 949,00
MCVHino 300 614 SWB 4x2 F-C MY12R398 783,00
MCVHino 300 714 LWB 4x2 Crew Cab F-CR532 084,00
MCVHino 300 714 LWB 4x2 F-C MY12R451 280,00
MCVHino 300 714 SWB 4x2 F-C ATR460 913,00
MCVHino 300 714 SWB 4x2 F-C MY12R444 748,00
MCVHino 300 814 LWB 4x2 F-C MY12R484 568,00
MCVHino 300 815 SWB 4x2 F-C ATR490 075,00
MCVHino 300 915 LWB 4x2 Crew Cab F-CR603 413,00
MCVHino 300 915 LWB 4x2 F-C MY12R522 599,00
HCVHino 500 1322 4x4 F-CR941 629,00
HCVHino 500 1626 4x2 LWB F-CR818 851,00
XHVHino 500 2626 6x2 F-CR1 087 286,00
XHVHino 700 2838 6x4 Tipper MY14R1 219 219,00

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Hino SA Truck production restarts after KZN flood damage

Hino South Africa’s truck plant at Prospecton, outside Durban, is already ramping up to its required output rate after restarting production on 23 May following an enforced shutdown of 40 days resulting from extensive damage caused by the floods that hit KwaZulu-Natal on 11 April.  “This was a wonderful reward for a Herculean effort by…


HINO TRUCKS off to a flying start with comparative customer experience

Hino South Africa has got off to a flying start in 2022 in terms of the results of the first quarter Customer Experience survey of the local trucking industry. Importantly, the brand held on to its top position in terms of the Combined customer service management score in DataTrack’s quarterly comparative truck study, while also…


Top Class Customer Care Drove HINO Shelly Beach to Third Dealer Award

Additional training and even more attention to improving the customer experience are the major factors that propelled Hino Shelly Beach to its third Hino Dealer of the Year Award, according to Gansen Chetty, Team Leader of this South Coast dealership that is part of the Halfway Group. “We are very proud to have been able…

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Isuzu Truck Prices

TypeSeriesModelSuggested Retail Price(incl VAT)
MCVISUZU N-SeriesNLR 150T 4x2 F-CR353 742,00
MCVISUZU N-SeriesNMR 250 Chassis Cab 4x2 F-CR376 086,00
MCVISUZU N-SeriesNMR 250T AMT 4x2 Cr-Cab F-CR482 106,00
MCVISUZU N-SeriesNMR 250T SWB AMT 4x2 F-CR396 321,00
MCVISUZU N-SeriesNPR 275 AMT Ch-Cab F-CR411 882,00
MCVISUZU N-SeriesNPR 300 5.2 AMT 4x2 F-CR438 159,00
MCVISUZU N-SeriesNPR 300T 4x2 F-CR416 328,00
MCVISUZU N-SeriesNPR 400T 4x2 F-CR449 502,00
MCVISUZU N-SeriesNPR 400T AMT 4x2 Cr-Cab F-CR559 227,00
MCVISUZU N-SeriesNPR 400T AMT 4x2 F-CR466 944,00
MCVISUZU N-SeriesNPR 400T SWB 4x2 F-CR449 502,00
MCVISUZU N-SeriesNPS 300 5.2D 4x4 Cr-Cab F-CR661 542,00
MCVISUZU N-SeriesNQR 500T 4x2 F-C MY08R483 702,00
MCVISUZU N-SeriesNQR 500T AMT 4x2 F-CR501 657,00
HCVISUZU F-SeriesFRR 550 4x2 F-C MY10R669 408,00
HCVISUZU F-SeriesFRR 600 AMT 4x2 F-CR657 894,00
HCVISUZU F-SeriesFSR 750 Cr-Cab 4x2 AMT F-CR942 267,00
HCVISUZU F-SeriesFSR 800 4x2 F-C MY10R759 696,00
HCVISUZU F-SeriesFSR 800 AMT 4x2 F-CR799 995,00
HCVISUZU F-SeriesFSR 800 SWB 4x2 F-C MY10R759 696,00
HCVISUZU F-SeriesFTR 850 4x2 F-C MY10R806 493,00
HCVISUZU F-SeriesFTR 850 4x2 Tipper MY10R798 684,00
HCVISUZU F-SeriesFTR 850 AMT 4x2 F-CR847 134,00
HCVISUZU F-SeriesFTR 850 LWB 4x2 F-C MY10R836 988,00
HCVISUZU F-SeriesFTS 750 4x4 F-C MY10R989 919,00
HCVISUZU F-SeriesFTS 750 4x4 SWA F-CR1 006 905,00
HCVISUZU F-SeriesFVR 900 4x2 F-C MY10R984 960,00
XHVISUZU F-SeriesFVM 1200 6x2 F-C MY10R986 898,00
XHVISUZU F-SeriesFVZ 1400 6x4 F-C MY10R1 161 090,00
XHVISUZU F-SeriesFVZ 1400 AMT 6x4 F-CR1 396 728,00
XHVISUZU F-SeriesFVZ 1600 Compactor 6x4 F-C MY10R1 210 908,00
XHVISUZU FX-SeriesFXZ 26-360 6x4 F-C MY14R1 285 521,00
XHVISUZU FX-SeriesFXZ 28-360 6x4 Compactor F-C MY14R1 419 756,00
XHVISUZU FX-SeriesFXZ 6x4 TipperR1 281 360,00

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Isuzu Motors South Africa’s Trucks Match Environmental Demands with Euro 5 Technology on selected models

The world’s vehicle population now exceeds 1,4 billion – every day, millions of engines start up with varying degrees of exhaust emissions clouding the atmosphere. While South Africa’s vehicle population of 11 million road vehicles is only 0,79% of the world total, responsible Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and fleet operators cannot, and do not, overlook…

Isuzu Trucks Ready to Work from Day One

As a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles Isuzu takes pride in its ability provide business solutions by offering a wide range of medium, heavy and extra-heavy commercial vehicles for all applications. With its latest programmes, Isuzu aims to save customers time by supplying trucks which are ready to work as soon as the purchase transaction…

Isuzu remains committed to youth development

Isuzu remains committed to youth development

The future is looking bright for Isuzu’s first intake of Youth Employment Service (YES) candidates. Landle Kenneth Carelse, 25, is one of the 2020 YES candidates who was successfully placed at Isuzu Motors South Africa (IMSAf). “I have really enjoyed the YES programme and the additional training we received thus far. I did not expect…

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Iveco Truck Prices

TypeNameModelSuggested Retail Price(incl VAT)
MCVIVECO DailyDaily 35S13A8 E5 4x2 F-C MY16R565 383,00
MCVIVECO DailyDaily 50C15 E4 V16 Basic 4x2 P-Van MY16R606 423,00
MCVIVECO DailyDaily 50C15 E4 V16 Comfort 4x2 P-Van MY16R631 503,00
MCVIVECO DailyDaily 70C15E4 V Basic 4x2 P-Van MY16R736 383,00
HCVIVECO EurocargoEC MLC120E22 4x2 F-CR695 343,00
HCVIVECO EurocargoEC MLC140E22 4x4 F-CR719 283,00
HCVIVECO EurocargoEC MLC150E24W 4x4 F-CR934 743,00
HCVIVECO EurocargoEC MLC150E24WS 4x4 F-CR970 083,00
XHVIVECO 682DC260G29H 6x4 TipperR892 563,00
XHVIVECO EurocargoEC MLC180E28 4x2 F-C MY13R934 743,00
XHVIVECO StralisStralis AS750S48TZP 6x4 Hi-Way T-TR1 986 963,00
XHVIVECO TrakkerTrakker AT750T44TH Hi-Land 6x4 T-TR1 916 283,00

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PETRONAS Team De Rooy IVECO – Dakar 2020

Twelve days of competition, five thousand timed kilometers of racing and more than fifty hours on full throttle onboard the trucks. That is a big picture of the last two weeks for the crews of PETRONAS Team De Rooy IVECO, that could not count with Gerard de Rooy in the line-up due to a back…

IVECO claims victory at the FIA European Truck Racing Championship

IVECO claims victory at the FIA European Truck Racing Championship

IVECO was crowned once again winner of the FIA European Truck Championship 2019, repeating its success at the 2018 edition. It has dominated the FIA European Truck Racing Championship 2019 with the Die Bullen von IVECO Team, which took the lead right from the first event in Misano and maintained its position throughout the season…

IVECO triumphs at the FIA European Truck Racing Championship 2018

After its latest victory at the “De La Sarthe” circuit in Le Mans (France) and with one week until the final Grand Prix (6-7 October) in Jarama, Spain, IVECO can already lay claim to be the winner of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship 2018, following a dominant display throughout the whole season with a…

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Jmc Truck Price

TypeModelSuggested Retail Price(incl VAT)
MCVCarrying EURO II LWB 2.8 4x2 Kingcab Dropside Lux F-CR276 880,00
MCVCarrying LWB 2.8 S/C 4x2 VanBody F-CR281 880,00
MCVCarrying LWB 2.8 S/C 4x2 VanBody Lux F-CR245 880,00

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All aboard the torquey JMC Boarding

While it won’t set its rear-wheels on fire when it comes to performance, the JMC Boarding 2.8 is blessed with 84kW of power at 3 600rpm and a gutsy 235N.m of torque from as low as 2 300rpm JMC is a relative newcomer to the South African commercial vehicle market, having found favour with local…

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Man Truck Prices

ModelCab TypeSuggested Retail Price(incl VAT)
15.240 4x2 BLDay CabR1 263 850,00
18.240 4x2 BBDay CabR1 322 500,00
18.240 4x4 BB DWADay CabR1 656 000,00
18.240 4x4 BB SWADay CabR1 679 000,00
18.280 4x2 BBLR Sleeper Cab (L)R1 426 000,00
25.280 6x2 BLLLR Sleeper Cab (L)R1 604 250,00
33.360 6x4 BB (Tipper)Day Cab (M)R1 978 000,00
33.360 6x4 BB (Mixer)Day Cab (M)R2 100 000,00
33.440 6x4 BBDay Cab (M)R2 064 500,00
33.480 6x4 BBDay Cab (M)R2 144 750,00
34.360 8x4 BB (Mixer)Day Cab (M)R2 173 500,00
41.440 8x4 BBDay Cab (M)R2 219 500,00
41.480 8x4 BB (PBS)Day Cab (M)R2 294 250,00
19.360 4x2 BLSLR Sleeper (L)R1 644 500,00
26.440 6x4 BLSHR Sleeper (LX)R2 185 000,00
26.440 6x4 BLS EfficientLineHR Sleeper (LX)R2 242 500,00
26.480 6x4 BLSHR Sleeper (LX)R2 238 500,00
26.480 6x4 BLS EfficientLineHR Sleeper (LX)R2 288 500,00
26.540 6x4 BLSWHR Sleeper (XLX)R2 587 500,00
27.440 6x4 BBSLR Sleeper (L)R2 070 000,00
27.440 6x4 BBS PTOLR Sleeper (L) - Steel BumperR2 127 500,00
27.480 6x4 BBSHR Sleeper (LX)R2 173 500,00
27.480 6x4 BBS PBSHR Sleeper (LX)R2 185 000,00
28.360 6x2 BLSLR Sleeper (L)R1 890 775,00
28.440 6x2 BLSHR Sleeper (LX)R2 050 000,00
33.360 6x4 BBSLR Sleeper (L)R1 863 000,00
33.440 6x4 BBSLR Sleeper (L)R2 116 000,00
33.480 6x4 BBSLR Sleeper (L)R2 162 000,00
33.480 6x4 BBS ABNLR Sleeper (L)R2 282 000,00

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Electric trucks – MAN and CNL begin practical testing

Joachim Drees, chairman of the Executive Board of Man Truck & Bus AG, and his board colleague Dr. Ulrich Dilling, responsible for production and logistics, handed over the first electric trucks of the type MAN eTGM at the Steyr production site at nine member companies of the Austrian Council for Sustainable Logistics (CNL). This also…

tgx beauty 2

MAN Trucks SA introduces new flagship to Africa

MAN Trucks SA, taking long-haul trucking to the next level Having notched up a string of fuel efficiency benchmarks since its release in Europe in 2008, the Euro 5 MAN TGX 26.540 6×4 BLS (XLX) EfficientLine truck-tractor now makes its official debut in southern Africa at a launch ceremony at MAN Truck SA ’s Pinetown…

Imperial Cargo boosts fleet with sixty MAN trucks

60 MAN TGS 26.440 long-haul units have been added to the Imperial Cargo fleet.   Imperial Cargo has procured 60 MAN TGS 26.440 truck-tractors to service its line-haul operations in southern Africa. The new vehicles will join the 44 MAN TGS 26.440 units currently operating in the Imperial Cargo fleet, which now numbers a total of…

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Mercedes Truck Prices

TypeModelSuggested Retail Price(incl VAT)
MCVSprinter 311 CDi 4x2 P-Van MY13R519 612,00
MCVSprinter 315 CDi 4x2 P-Van MY13R555 294,00
MCVSprinter 319 CDi LWB F-C AWDR823 536,00
MCVSprinter 319 CDi PV P-Van 4x4 MY15R1 161 090,00
MCVSprinter 515 CDi 4x2 P-Van MY13R635 664,00
MCVSprinter 515 CDi HR EU4 4x4 P-VanR1 119 936,00
MCVSprinter 515 CDi XL EU4 4x2 P-Van MY13R655 158,00
MCVSprinter 519 CDi 4x2 P-Van MY13R690 954,00
MCVSprinter 519 CDi 4x2 P-Van XL MY13R711 018,00
MCVSprinter 519 CDi D-Cab F-C AWDR808 374,00
MCVSprinter 519 CDi F-C AWDR780 900,00
MCVSprinter 519 CDi P-Van AWDR836 988,00
HCVAtego E3 1323/48 4x2 F-CR800 280,00
HCVAtego E3 1428AF/39 SWB 4x4 F-CR1 342 920,00
HCVAtego E3 1518/54 LWB 4x2 F-CR845 880,00
HCVAtego E3 1523/54 4x2 F-CR897 180,00
XHVActros 1844LS/36 4x2 T-TR1 527 600,00
XHVActros 2641LS/33 DD 6x2 T-TR1 816 020,00
XHVActros 2644LS/33 Hypoid 6x4 T-TR1 727 100,00
XHVActros 2646LS/33 DD 6x2 T-TR1 902 660,00
XHVActros 2654L/45 6x4 Hypoid F-CR1 884 420,00
XHVActros 2654LS/33 6x4 T-TR1 998 420,00
XHVActros 2658LS/33 Hypoid 6x4 T-TR2 315 340,00
XHVActros 3332/45 6x4 F-C MY15R1 577 760,00
XHVActros 3344/45 6x4 F-CR1 765 860,00
XHVActros 3344A/45 6x6 TipperR2 111 280,00
XHVActros 3344S/33 6x4 T-TR1 825 140,00
XHVActros 3350/45 6x4 F-CR1 885 560,00
XHVActros 3350S/33 6x4 T-TR1 920 900,00
XHVActros 3550 S/33 AV 6x4 T-TR2 023 500,00
XHVActros 4144K/51 8x4 TipperR1 972 200,00
XHVAxor2 1823 AK/39 4x4 TipperR1 108 080,00
XHVAxor2 1823 K/36 4x2 TipperR841 320,00
XHVAxor2 1835LS/36 4x2 T-TR1 227 780,00
XHVAxor2 2628 B/33 6x4 MixerR1 252 860,00
XHVAxor2 2628/45 6x4 F-CR1 276 800,00
XHVAxor2 2628L/57 6x2 F-CR1 394 220,00
XHVAxor2 3335 K/36 6x4 TipperR1 446 660,00
XHVAxor2 3335 P/45 401HP 6x4 F-CR1 434 120,00
XHVAxor2 3335 S/33 6x4 T-TR1 471 740,00
XHVAxor2 3340 P/45 6x4 F-CR1 585 740,00
XHVAxor2 3340 S/33 6x4 T-TR1 658 700,00
XHVAxor2 3535 K/51 8x4 MixerR1 657 560,00

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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter takes Nelson Mandela’s legacy to the people

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter takes Nelson Mandela’s legacy to the people

Mercedes-Benz Vans South Africa sponsors the Nelson Mandela Museum with a Sprinter Versatile Sprinter converted into a mobile museum Nelson Mandela Museum in Mthatha to use the Sprinter for educational programmes Mandela Day used to follow in the steps of the formidable icon A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519 CDI Panel Van has been converted into a…

A new truck for a new era: Mercedes-Benz eActros celebrates its world premiere!

A new truck for a new era: Mercedes-Benz eActros celebrates its world premiere!

On 30 June 2021 Mercedes-Benz Trucks celebrated the world premiere of its battery-electric eActros for heavy-duty distribution haulage. Mercedes-Benz Trucks is heralding a new era with the launch of the first electric series-production truck with a star. “We have to acknowledge that transport is a part of the problem when it comes to climate change….

Mercedes-Benz Trucks achieves market leader position in the South African Heavy-Duty Truck Segment in 2020

Mercedes-Benz Trucks achieves market leader position

Mercedes-Benz Trucks ended 2020 on a strong note despite an unprecedented pandemic that disrupted the industry Mercedes-Benz Trucks pays tribute to customers, dealer partners and internal staff for their unwavering support, which enabled the brand to regain leadership The launch of the 2020 International Truck of the Year title holder the New Actros, lives up…

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Powerstar Truck Prices

TypeModelSuggested Retail Price(incl VAT)
XHVBeiBen 2628 Ch-Cab 6x4 F-CR832 200,00
XHVBeiBen 2628B 6x4 MixerR1 190 421,00
XHVBeiBen 2628K 6x4 TipperR956 823,00
XHVBeiBen 2642S 6x4 T-TR939 775,00
XHVBeiBen 4035 SC 8x4 F-CR1 020 842,00
XHVBeiBen 4035K SCLR 8x4 TipperR1 288 704,00

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2 powerstar trucks

New JV with Foton broadens Powerstar footprint

Bob Wang, Chief Executive Officer of Ever Star Industries (Pty) Ltd, is highly excited about the company’s new venture starting this month. Ever Star Industries is broadening the Powerstar-branded range to include light and medium commercial vehicles from the Foton stable, including 3-ton, 5-ton and 7- to 8-ton vehicles. This follows a joint venture between…

Powerstar's V3

Powerstar V3 is a beautiful beast

Powerstar V3 is ready for any heavyweight bout. Just like a heavyweight boxer, the Powerstar V3  stands – waiting, concentrating, muscles taut and skin glistening with perspiration – its energy pulsating through its 26-ton body. The hulking mass is the V3 2642 6×4 premium long-haul truck tractor, the flagship product of Powerstar, a truck brand of…

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Scania Truck Prices

TypeSeriesModelSuggested Retail Price(incl VAT)
XHVSCANIA G-SeriesG460CA MSA 6x4 T-TR2 011 138,00
XHVSCANIA G-SeriesG460CA MSZ 6x4 T-TR1 984 340,00
XHVSCANIA G-SeriesG460LA MSA 6x4 T-TR2 259 390,00
XHVSCANIA P-SeriesP250DB MSZ 4x2 Rigid F-CR1 101 369,00
XHVSCANIA P-SeriesP310CB MSZ 6x4 MixerR1 373 073,00
XHVSCANIA P-SeriesP310LB MSA 6x2 Rigid F-CR1 428 296,00
XHVSCANIA P-SeriesP360CB EHZ 6x4 Rigid TipperR1 567 096,00
XHVSCANIA P-SeriesP360LA MNA 4x2 F-CR1 565 796,00
XHVSCANIA P-SeriesP410CA MSZ 6x4 T-TR1 897 248,00
XHVSCANIA P-SeriesP410CB MHZ 8x4 TipperR1 798 428,00
XHVSCANIA R-SeriesR410LA MSZ 6x4 T-TR1 976 301,00
XHVSCANIA R-SeriesR460LA MSZ 6x4 T-TR2 058 033,00
XHVSCANIA R-SeriesR500LA MSA 6x4 T-TR2 190 679,00
XHVSCANIA R-SeriesR500LA MSZ 6x4 T-TR2 190 679,00
XHVSCANIA R-SeriesR580LA MSZ 6x4 T-TR2 279 111,00

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Affordable Commercial Fleet Management Starts Here - PVA

Affordable Commercial Fleet Management Starts Here – PVA

Park Village Auctions is gearing up for a remarkable commercial vehicle sale this November. That’s the word from PVA’s Natashia Goosen who says that fleet managers typically welcome the chance to acquire affordable, reliable used vehicles stemming from genuine bank repossessions and liquidations. “All manners of logistics and earth-moving operators are in for a treat….


Scania’s ‘gentle giant’

When I recently had a face-to-face interview with Scania South Africa’s newly-appointed Managing Director, Raimo Lehtiö, his soft-spoken approach on the one hand, but his firm stance on solutions and achievement on the other, reminded me of a gentle giant. “Just call me Raimo,” he said and so we proceeded. Raimo Lehtiö appears to characterise…


Scania SA broadening its aftermarket focus

Scania South Africa’s aftermarket activities are in for some changes regarding its customer aftersales support systems Mark Erasmus, who was appointed Scania SA General Manager: Services at the beginning of August, aims to be ahead of the curve. He is highly motivated and passionately committed to meeting emerging trends in customers’ changing demands regarding aftersales…

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Sinotruck Prices

TypeModelSuggested Retail Price(incl VAT)
XHV64.290 6x4 Tipper (12m3)
R1 069 500,00
XHV64.290 6x4 Mixer (6m3)
R1 196 000,00
XHV64.290 6x4 Water Tanker (18000L)
R1 069 500,00
XHV64.350 6x4 Compactor
R2 558 750,00
XHV64.371 6x4 T/T (371hp)
R1 236 250,00
XHV64.430 6x4 T/T V7G (430hp)
R1 380 000,00
XHV64.540 6x4 T/T V7G (540hp)
R1 495 000,00
XHV66.336 6x6 Water Tanker
R2 156 250,00
XHV66.336 6x6 Cargo
R2 380 500,00
XHV84.336 8x4 Tipper (18m3)
R1 230 500,00
XHV88.336 8x8 Water Tanker
R2 961 250,00
XHV88.336 8x8 Cargo
R3 271 750,00

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Tata Truck Prices

TypeModelSuggested Retail Price(incl VAT)
MCVLPK 813 4x2 EX2 TipperR408 690,00
MCVLPT 813 4T Local 4x2 F-CR304 266,00
HCVLPT 1216 4x2 F-CR354 426,00
HCVLPT 1518TC 4x2 Local F-CR455 430,00
HCVLPT 1518TC 4x2 Sleeper Local F-CR466 830,00
HCVLPT 1623 4x2 F-CR510 663,00
XHVNovus K5DEF 6x4 TipperR1 419 300,00
XHVNovus V3TXF 7548 6x4 T-TR1 493 400,00

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Tata Motors, India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, has launched an initiative to train under-privileged youth from Africa under the SkillPro program, in an effort to enhance employability for the African youth. Judas Tlou Kobo and Lesego Faith Banda were the two students selected under the programme and were invited to participate in the company’s intensive…

Sibongile Mafu (Ambassador), Liezel van der Westhuizen(Ambassador), Katlego Maboe (Ambassador), Lauren Bright (Country Manager for Operation Smile South Africa), Benedetta Spinola (Operation Smile Vice President) and Sanjay Pandya (TATA Executive Director)

TATA keeps children smiling with donation to Operation Smile

TATA International Africa donated over R120 000 to Operation Smile South Africa at a ceremony in Cape Town on Friday 22 November. The donation serves to contribute to the costs of surgery to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities, and provide education and training on the deformity. “We are honoured and privileged…

Thomson Towing built on the back of Tata Trucks

Thomson’s Towing and Panelbeaters, based in White River, Mpumalanga, owes much of its success to the hardworking Tata trucks in its growing fleet. An Automobile Association partner, the company currently operates six Tata trucks comprising Tata 713, 813 and 913 medium and heavy-duty LPT models. One of these, a Tata 713, stands out from the…

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UD Trucks Truck Prices

TypeNameModelSuggested Retail Price(incl VAT)
HCVUD TRUCKSUD 100B 4x2 F-CR843 828,00
HCVUD TRUCKSUD 80D 4x2 F-CR684 456,00
HCVUD TRUCKSUD 85D 4x2 TipperR690 498,00
HCVUD TRUCKSUD 90C 4x2 F-CR750 690,00
HCVUD TRUCKSUD 90C Alison 4x2 F-CR856 026,00
HCVUD TRUCKSUD 95B 4x2 F-CR764 142,00
XHVUD TRUCKSCDE330 6x2 F-C MY16R967 700,00
XHVUD TRUCKSCGE370 8x4 MixerR1 312 577,00
XHVUD TRUCKSCGE420 8x4 F-CR1 320 285,00
XHVUD TRUCKSCGE420 8x4 TipperR1 344 362,00
XHVUD TRUCKSCKE280 4x2 Rigid F-CR860 700,00
XHVUD TRUCKSCW 26 370 6x4 F-CR1 199 633,00
XHVUD TRUCKSCW 26 370 DT 6x4 TipperR1 199 633,00
XHVUD TRUCKSCW 26 490 AMT 6x4 F-CR1 586 264,00
XHVUD TRUCKSCW 26 490 AMT Escot 6x4 F-CR1 569 666,00
XHVUD TRUCKSCWE330 6x4 F-CR1 042 228,00
XHVUD TRUCKSCWE330 6x4 MixerR1 057 726,00
XHVUD TRUCKSCWE330 6x4 TipperR1 052 125,00
XHVUD TRUCKSCWE330 Allison P 6x4 F-CR1 447 304,00
XHVUD TRUCKSCWE330 Allison PR 6x4 F-CR1 504 223,00
XHVUD TRUCKSCWE370 6x4 F-CR1 123 147,00
XHVUD TRUCKSCWE370 6x4 TipperR1 118 424,00
XHVUD TRUCKSCWE420 6x4 F-CR1 218 888,00
XHVUD TRUCKSGK 17 410 AMT AS HR 4x2 T-TR1 287 613,00
XHVUD TRUCKSGKE370 4x2 T-TR1 043 822,00
XHVUD TRUCKSGW 26 410 AMT 6x4 T-TR1 487 153,00
XHVUD TRUCKSGW 26 410 AMT HR 6x4 T-TR1 511 931,00
XHVUD TRUCKSGW 26 450 Escot 6x4 T-TR1 573 816,00
XHVUD TRUCKSGW 26 450 Escot HR 6x4 T-TR1 598 594,00
XHVUD TRUCKSGW 26 490 AMT 6x4 T-TR1 660 598,00
XHVUD TRUCKSGW 26 490 AMT HR 6x4 T-TR1 685 376,00
XHVUD TRUCKSGW 26 490 AMT HR AS 6x4 T-TR1 697 825,00
XHVUD TRUCKSGWE420 6x4 T-T ConstructionR1 284 716,00
XHVUD TRUCKSGWE420 6x4 T-T LogisticsR1 261 834,00

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Ud Trucks Southern Africa Enters New Era

UD Trucks Southern Africa enters new era

UD Trucks Southern Africa is entering a new era with the appointment of a new managing director. Filip Van den Heede will be replacing Gert Swanepoel, who is retiring after 32 years with the company. “It has been an incredible journey with UD Trucks, and it is truly the people and the relationships with customers…

UD Trucks Extra Mile Challenge

UD Trucks Announces Best Fleet Drivers in SA

UD Trucks Southern Africa is proud to announce the winners of its Extra Mile Challenge driver competition.  Cornel van der Westhuizen from Grain Carriers won the Quon category, while Cederic Matthyse from Darling Romery walked away with the title of Best Quester Driver. The two local winners and their managers are off to Japan in…

Fleets buy down as economy continues to struggle

Fleets buy down as economy continues to struggle

Even though South Africa’s struggling economy is continuing to have an impact on the local commercial vehicle industry, the sector showed a 3.1% year-on-year growth in new unit sales at the end of October. According to the latest combined year-to-date results released by the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa), Associated Motor…

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Volkswagen Prices

ModelCab TypeSuggested Retail Price(incl VAT)
17.250 4x2 BBLR Sleeper CabR1 033 850,00
24.250 6x2 BBLDay CabR1 153 500,00
24.250 6x2 BBLLR Sleeper CabR1 253 500,00
19.320 4x2 BBSLR Sleeper CabR1 201 750,00
19.320 4x2 BBSHR Sleeper CabR1 251 750,00

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VWSA makes massive strides in environmental sustainability initiatives

VWSA makes massive strides in environmental sustainability initiatives

As a major step on the road to Zero Impact Production, Volkswagen Group South Africa (VWSA) has implemented two projects to dramatically reduce the environmental footprint of its Kariega plant. The first project is a wastewater recycling facility, which has been constructed onsite at the plant. This facility will recycle Production-related wastewater from various production…

Volkswagen to Develop Black-Owned Suppliers

Volkswagen Develop Black-Owned Suppliers

Following on from the successful VWSA Black-Owned Supplier’s Day held in 2016, Volkswagen Group South Africa (VWSA) has extended its assistance to strategically align black-owned suppliers in the automotive sector by launching the Ntinga Project. Volkswagen launches the Ntinga Project 10 Finalists Chosen Winners to receive potential contract with VWSA and become fully-fledged production suppliers….

Volkswagen supports the VWSA B-BBEE Initiative Trust

Volkswagen B-BBEE Initiatives Trust launched to Suppliers Volkswagen B-BBEE Initiatives Trust  supported by the Eastern Cape Government 22 June 2017 marked another significant day for black-owned suppliers in the automotive sector, with the official launch of the Volkswagen B-BBEE Initiatives Trust.  Although established in 2016, it was publicly launched today to showcase the Trust and…

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Volvo Truck Prices

TypeModelSuggested Retail Price(incl VAT)
XHVFH13I 440 S/R SC 6x4 T-TR1 979 222,00
XHVFH13I 480 S/R SC 6x4 T-TR2 018 381,00
XHVFH13I 520 S/R SC 6x4 T-TR2 085 505,00
XHVFH16I 610 H/R 6x4 Globetrotter T-TR2 435 724,00
XHVFMX13I 400 6x4 S/R SC T-TR1 662 052,00
XHVFMX13I 400 8x4 S/R SC F-CR1 471 022,00
XHVFMX13I 440 6x4 S/R SC T-TR1 701 211,00

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Volvo Trucks Dealers Excel Amidst Uncertain Times

Volvo Trucks South Africa announced its top performing dealers, who as part of a greater nationwide network, excelled at supporting fleet customers during the uncertain times these past few years. The Mega Dealer of the Year award went to Volvo Truck & Bus Centre Gauteng, while independent dealer, Magnis Trucks Zululand walked away with top…

Iron Women Breaking Gender Barriers in Trucking Industry

It is early morning in a busy commercial vehicle stockyard and Dorah Lungile Mabaso is meticulously completing a walkaround safety check of a new multi-million Rand truck that is about to be delivered to a local transport fleet. Not everybody in the yard is used to seeing a female truck driver, so they shout a…

The Volvo FMX celebrates 10 years of driving in harsh conditions

Before the launch of the Volvo FMX, different variants of the Volvo FM and Volvo FH were used in the construction industry. In 2010 many years of feedback from customers led to the successful launch of a Volvo truck developed specifically for construction work. “The Volvo FMX was a game changer and it soon became…

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