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New FUSO models extend the range

FUSO Trucks, a part of Daimler Trucks & Buses Southern Africa has added four new models to its successful line-up and has facelifted five of its existing models with new significant and technologically advanced features.

The new models are the FI12-170, the FJ18-280S (short wheelbase), the FJ18-280L (long wheelbase) and the FJ26-280. The four new models officially introduce a number of innovative all-new features aimed at safety and efficiency.

FUSO FJ26-280C Truck

FUSO Trucks offers a range of purpose-fit vehicles that are specially designed for the various segments they operate in. This is a brand with proven reliability that is characterised by its robustness and fuel efficiency, All the models can boast outstanding payload and ride comfort.

Built for Safety, comfort and efficiency

FUSO is pleased to now officially introduce the new FI12-170, the FJ18-280S (short wheelbase), the FJ18-280L (long wheelbase) and the FJ26-280; and reintroduce the facelifted FA9-137 (short and long wheelbase), FJ16-230 (short and long wheelbase) and FJ26-280C.

The new aesthetically good-looking models have been engineered to ensure superior performance and safety, along with increased driver comfort.

“FUSO Trucks are not only committed to expanding its product offering with new models, but is also strongly committed to ensuring that the existing product offering is constantly improved to meet changing customer demands,” says Ziyad Gaba, Head of FUSO Trucks Southern Africa.

Collaboration between FUSO and Mercedes-Benz adds further dimension to their shared technologies. For example the FI12170 is fitted with the Mercedes-Benz FIG85 transmission, while the FJ18-280 and the FJ26-280 share the same Mercedes-Benz engine and transmission.

Improved driver comfort

With the introduction of the new models FUSO has introduced a number of fresh features to ensure their FUSO customers enjoy superior performance and safety, along with improved driver comfort.

FUSO FA-914R-LHD Interior

An E-viscous fan with intermittent operation improves fuel efficiency by reducing the load on the engine. Variable engine rpm control provides demand-based rpm settings.

For the ease of operation of the driver there is a differential lock buzzer. Cruise control is a perfect addition, providing fatigue-free driving and greater fuel efficiency.

To add comfort to the cabin environment a solar windshield prevents excess sunlight and avoids increase in cabin temperature. Additional cabin roof storage provides more space for the driver’s convenience

An exceptional music system with USB port and FM radio brings music and news to the driver’s finger tips making these FUSO models a home away from home.


LED lamps have been installed in the cabin for better illumination and improved aesthetics. It is also a safer option to have a bright interior during night-time stops.

A pendant-type brake pedal provides ease of driving, comfort and improvement ergonomics.

Taking a walk around the new FUSOs the customer will see that the bumper is coloured similar to the cab giving a good fit and finish. Clear front turn signal lamps are aesthetically appealing. A grey coloured fender and footstep are in tune with the overall design and are a good fit.

Further improved safety

A seat-belt reminder is another feature for added safety. For better visibility during night-time driving the new dual chamber headlamp with daytime running lights (DRL) also adds to further improved safety.

A newly designed doors match the new front face perfectly, giving the vehicles an overall robust and reliable presence.

All in all the various safety features compliment strong and sturdy vehicles. With a reputation of tackling relative applications with ease, the new FUSOs are also attractive and safe, reliable and economical.

The number one element of any truck is the driver. For this reason FUSO has paid special attention to the comfort aspects both inside and outside the cabin.

Ziyad Gaba says: “We continue to grow in the various market segments in which we compete as a result of constantly being in close contact with our customers. This means we know that one of the major challenges that customers face is the inherent complexity of operating in the current transport industry. Simplicity applies to providing vehicles that are flexible, allowing for a wide number of applications. Superior trucks are crucial to all the market segments. Customers also demand we provide them with simply better trucks in order to achieve their objectives.”

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa