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An unbeatable new generation meets unbeatable financial agility

Many operators are hesitant to purchase new trucks as an uncertain business environment threatens business confidence.

Unprecedented business challenges are forcing fleet managers and business owners to rethink their traditional purchasing cycles.

Scania South Africa is rethinking their business model to make upgrading financially easier.

“It’s now that the improved efficiencies leading to vital cost economies, offered by our New Generation Trucks, will really make a difference,”

says Mark Erasmus, General Manager: Sales.

The New Generation Scania trucks and services have been engineered to perfection with the goal of improving fuel efficiency.

Through improved aerodynamics, new engine concepts together with intelligent support systems, such as eco-roll and active prediction, the new generation Scania trucks are making huge strides towards reducing fuel consumption.

Connectivity is also highlighted as a valuable cost-cutting tool.

“Our connected services deliver it all – from Scania’s Fleet Management System, to remote diagnostics and driver coaching.

Our systems are also uniquely easy to use so they are used more often, leading to greater insights that translate into long-term cost efficiencies”

explains Erasmus.

Connected technologies are used to manage entire fleets, maximising uptime and productivity.

Scania is also setting new standards in maintenance plans using several operational factors and vehicle specifications to offer a continuously updated and flexible maintenance plan that minimises downtime to the lowest possible cost.

“Factors such as topography, fuel quality and stop and start frequency all affect the level of maintenance needed,”

says Erasmus.

Scania R500 6×4 Highline, general cargo transport

By individually optimising the different modules in the maintenance plan

By individually optimising the different modules in the maintenance plan, such as air filter and gearbox, Scania ensures that downtime is planned and only occurs when necessary.

For each maintenance event, timing and content is calculated based on factors such as cost of spare parts and labour.

This way, an optimised maintenance interval can be adapted to suit a particular business operations schedule.

Even when things don’t go according to plan, Scania provides operators with a complete back-up system designed to minimize downtime and keep a vehicle on the road.

Scania Assistance is an essential support service that is available 24/7/365.

“We understand that your truck needs to be working for you to make a profit,” says Erasmus, “Everything about our aftersales service is designed to do that, at minimum cost.”

Putting these cost efficiencies into the hands of businesses who could benefit from the cost-savings but don’t have the appetite for large capital expenditures in these difficult times has required Scania South Africa to look for optimal financing agility.

“We understand our role as equipment providers and the value chain we need to provide to make our equipment relevant in a tough economy,”

explains Nomonde Kweyi, Marketing Director, Scania South Africa.

“To this end we have developed industry-leading financial offers that allow our customers to work with and use our world-class technology and performance, backed by our extended warranty and coverage plan, while also benefiting from financially agile repayment models”.

Scania’s new all-inclusive monthly payment offer includes maintenance, repairs, insurance and extras, with the option to upgrade or purchase after 36-months. “It gives operators a bundled offer that covers the essentials at an unbeatable monthly rate”, explains Kweyi. For Scania South Africa, it’s about supporting their customers.

“To keep businesses sustainable, we need to play a role in ensuring they have access to the latest technology, best performance and most cost-effective aftersales services. However, to get them into that value chain, we needed to make affordability a focus,”

says Kweyi.

“Scania South Africa is ready to play a pivotal role in ensuring businesses have the best-in-class equipment and support to confidently recover and thrive, not just in the short-term but in years to come”.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa