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Another first for Mahindra as Pik Up Refrigeration Unit rolls off the line

Mahindra has proven the flexibility of its Pik Up platform and local assembly facility once again with the launch of a unique factory-fitted Refrigeration Unit.

The new Pik Up Refrigeration Unit follows closely in the tracks of the Pik Up Ambulance, the Pik Up Mining Specification bakkie and the Pik Up Game Viewer.

All these models have been developed locally, are assembled with the assistance of Mahindra’s Assembly Facility in KwaZulu-Natal and retain a full factory warranty. They are on sale from Mahindra and its wide network of South African dealers, who will also be able to service these vehicles to specification.

“When we opened our local assembly facility in 2018, we emphasised that this not only strengthens our commitment to South Africa as our second home outside of India, but it allows us to adapt our vehicles to local needs and budgets,”

says Rajesh Gupta, CEO of Mahindra South Africa.

“The Pik Up Karoo is perhaps our most popular and best-known local addition to the range. But for professionals looking for a reliable, capable and affordable Game Viewer, mining-approved bakkie, Ambulance and now Refrigerated Unit, these specialised units are very popular indeed.”

Based on the Pik Up S4 Chassis Cab, the new Refrigeration Unit has all the reliability and performance of the Pik Up range built in. This includes 103 kW and 320 Nm from the standard 2.2 litre mHawk turbodiesel engine delivered to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission.

With this powerful engine, the Refrigeration Unit has a loading capability of 733 kilogrammes in its refrigerated box, which has an impressive 6 385 litre loading volume.

The Pik Up underpinnings also mean that the Refrigeration Unit can tow up to 750 kg

and it can, on request, be fitted with a full 4×4 drive train for rural applications. Mahindra’s much-loved MLD locking differential is standard on all models.

Mahindra and its supplier-partners were able to offer this impressive loading capacity, thanks to a design where the large square insulated box is fitted above the wheel arches. This means that the box can be fully optimised, without any intrusion from the wheel arches or other part of the chassis.

The refrigerated box itself was designed to offer the best possible performance and is available in two versions, a Chiller with a maximum cooling ability of -5 degrees Centigrade and a full Freezer unit with a maximum cooling ability of -20 degrees Centigrade.

“By developing two options, we can cater to both the retail market with products such as meat, ice cream and other chilled or frozen foods and the medical market, which needs much colder temperatures to transport vaccines and other medicines.

Both the Chiller and Freezer options are powered by an additional compressor in the engine bay, which in turn is linked to a digital control unit in the cabin. This unit offers real-time feedback on the temperature inside the refrigerated box and allows the driver to always monitor and control the temperature.

The Chiller and Freezer units are also fitted with an aerodynamic evaporator and condenser unit fitted to the front of the refrigerated box, and it extends over the roof of the Pik Up. This ensures the most optimal cooling and improves the vehicle’s aerodynamic performance.

The Mahindra Pik Up Refrigeration Unit is available immediately from all dealers across the Mahindra network.

Another first for Mahindra as Pik Up Refrigeration Unit rolls off the line

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa