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Avanty – your energy station and air compressor on-the-go

Whether you’re after an epic road trip to far-flung corners of South Africa or adventuring closer to home, there is an ideal companion to keep in your boot that will ensure your holiday stays awesome.

Probe, South Africa’s leading importer and distributor of premium batteries, rotating electrics and air products, has recently added the impressive Avanty to their product line up.



The Avanty energy station is a compact, multifunctional  portable energy system that can act as a back-up power source to light up your campsite, a battery charger to jump-start a car or caravan, and an on-board air compressor with capabilities powerful enough to inflate a rubber dinghy.

Despite the mighty capabilities packed into this all-in-one system, the Avanty is small, robust and lightweight at a mere 11kg, ensuring that it takes up the least amount of packing-space and can be moved around with minimal effort for any indoor or outdoor activity.  What’s more, the Avanty is rechargeable both at home(AC) and in the car(DC).

Most importantly though, it is what the Avanty can do for you on your holiday. If you’re faced with an unwelcome dead battery while on the road or camped out in the middle of nowhere, the Avanty will solve this problem thanks to its 400A start-up power that can jump-start cars, caravans, boats and any vehicle with a 12Vdc battery.


If you require an energy station to charge your navigator, laptop, mp3-player or even electrical tools up to 300W, the Avanty will oblige.

Need to inflate tyres, balls, small mattresses or dinghies?  The Avanty’s built-in 10bar/260psi compressor, inflating tube with universal adaptor and set of 3 inflating needles will ensure you get the job done.

As for emergencies, the Avanty comes with a built-in 7 LED emergency light and is capable of supplying 12V, 5V (USB) and 230V electricity due to an integrated 300 W Inverter so as to easily light up camping huts, fishing cabins and outdoor areas.  The Avanty is also environmentally-friendly, noiseless and equipped with an automatic safety system.

Probe CEO, Rick Rovelli, says “The Avanty is produced by global air compressor brand NUAIR, a trusted supplier of air compressors for both industrial and domestic use.  The Avanty is an incredibly versatile product and we put it to the test at a recent agricultural show, where we used it jump-start 8 vehicles without running out of power. We also used it as source of light in the evenings and to charge our laptops.  We were impressed by the capabilities of this compact but powerful product and it’s been flying off the shelves.”


Technical Specifications:


  • Portable & Rechargeable Power
  • Inverter 230V AC (300W Maximum)
  • 400A Cranking Power Jump-Starter
  • Heavy duty cables & clamps
  • 18 Bar(max) Air Compressor
  • Tire Pressure Gauge
  • 2 DC outlets 12V
  • 2 USB port 5V
  • 7 LED’s torchlight
  • Storage Compartment


  • High Grade Sealed Lead Acid(Maintenance Free)
  • 20Ah



  • 230-240 V/AC 50HZ
  • 2 x 12V/DC(Cigarette Lighter Socket)
  • 2 x 5V/DC(USB)

Safety Features:

  • Reverse Protection and Alarm
  • Overload Protection(Car type fuse)
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Discharge Protection(Alarm)
  • LED indicator lights for the 12V/20AH battery charge
  • Voltmeter battery power test button

Included Accessories

  • Michellin-type inflation hose
  • LED’s Torchlight
  • Set of 3 inflation nozzels
  • 230V/AC – 500mA Charger
  • 12V/DC adapter for recharging by car dashboard lighter socket


Unit Dimensions

  • 330 x 250 x 270 mm


  • 11KG
Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa