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BLT WORLD’s Capacity terminal tractors improve efficiency and safety

BLT WORLD’s Capacity terminal tractors ensure efficient cargo handling

BLT WORLD supplies and supports the robust range of Capacity terminal tractors in Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Capacity terminal tractors, which are supplied coupled with trailers to safely move heavy-weight trailered cargo throughout container terminals, across docks and over airport runways. Capacity tractors are also suitable for logging operations.

These modular terminal tractors, which can be customised for every specific handling task they need to perform, are ideally suited for demanding operations in distribution and logistics centres, warehouses, container and intermodal facilities, as well as for light industrial handling.

“Critical challenges facing the logistics sector include efficient cargo handling solutions that reduce operating costs, improve productivity and enhance safety of operations,”

says Ken Mouritzen, Managing Director BLT WORLD.

“Capacity terminal tractors ensure faster handling times, reduce on-site congestion and also minimise demurrage costs for trucks waiting to be loaded and unloaded. By positioning trailers at discharge ramps, the road truck is able to transport further loads, instead of having to wait for a trailer or container to be discharged.

“In port operations, terminal tractors move trailers to and from vessels and storage areas to speed up operations, thus increasing operational efficiency.”

Capacity terminal tractors have a robust frame construction and precise manufacturing tolerances, ideally suited to handle rigorous operations. These machines have been designed with a 30% faster actuation of the boom than previous models. The advantage of this is reduced coupling times which enables quicker drive-aways. A lower, tapered skid ramp minimises trip-outs of the cab and for increased operator safety, there is a lower step height and new sightline designs for improved visibility.

Other features include torque ratings of 990 Nm @ 1 500 r/min and lowers emissions, for enhanced environmental protection. The latest technology in fuel savings significantly reduces operational and maintenance costs. Components are easily accessible for efficient ground level serviceability.

Built-in onboard diagnostics enable operators to easily monitor the machine’s service status. Numerous service checks can be performed at ground level, which ensures more uptime for each machine.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa