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BMG at Nampo 2019

There was plenty of action for BMG at Nampo this year.

BMG at Nampo 2019

High-quality equipment and replacement parts

“Not only did our inter-active stand showcase BMG’s wide range of agricultural components, but our ‘Break the Master Lock’ competition was a big crowd puller at this year’s event,” says Carlo Beukes, BMG’s agricultural manager. “The tough Master Lock padlock – which only two visitors to the stand managed to eventually break – forms part of BMG’s portfolio of farming products, which has been designed to cope efficiently in South Africa’s challenging conditions.

“The company’s Master Lock safety and security solutions prevent accidents that could occur during servicing and repairing of equipment. The range encompasses lockout and tagout products, including safety padlocks, accessories and signage materials.

“Nampo is the ideal forum for the agricultural team to interact with the local farming community and to promote BMG’s Boer Slim/Smart Farming initiative. Through this programme, BMG specialists work closely with farmers, focusing on the importance of using high-quality equipment and replacement parts, rather than ‘cheap’ and inferior components, to ensure long-term profitability.”

On display this year were agricultural products from the company’s specialist divisions, including bearings, seals, power transmission, drives and motors, materials handling, tools and fasteners, hydraulics and fluid technology.

BMG at Nampo 2019

Working demonstrations prove how electronic, fluid technology, tools and power transmission components operate competently together, to form an efficient system that enhances productivity and minimises energy consumption.

50% tougher to cut

BMG’s Master Lock Excell™ laminated steel padlock, which was used in the ‘Break the Master Lock’ competition, features tough-cut octagonal boron carbide shackles, which are 50% tougher to cut than hardened steel.

Dual ball-bearing locking mechanisms ensure maximum pry resistance. Theses high-strength padlocks have zinc outer components and a weather-resistant brass finish.

BMG at Nampo 2019

All BMG components are selected for farmers to ensure high productivity, low maintenance requirements and extended service life.

The company provides dependable solutions to all key players in the agricultural sector, including local manufacturers of equipment and implements, as well as agricultural re-sellers and the farmer.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa