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BMG’s Spanjaard lubricants, oils and greases for efficient lubrication

BMG’s Spanjaard lubricants, oils and greases have been developed with the latest formulations and technologies, to meet the demands of all sectors, including mining, automotive, marine, general industry and consumer applications.

BMG's Spanjaard lubricants, oils and greases for efficient lubrication

“Included in this range are mining lubricants and allied chemicals, that offer solutions for the most difficult lubrication problems,” says Marc Gravett, BMG’s Business Unit Manager, Seals and Gaskets division. “Spanjaard lubricants and allied chemical products have been formulated to improve performance of equipment and machinery; to minimise operating costs and reduce maintenance requirements in heavy-duty applications.

“Lubrication-related failures in machinery are generally preventable and can be avoided with the application of the correct lubricant. A general multipurpose grease is adequate in many applications, but more arduous operating conditions demand the selection of the correct lubricant and lubrication system. BMG takes cognisance of factors such as speed of relative movement, ambient and operating temperatures, loading, vibration and the environmental operating conditions.

“The effects of friction and the resulting wear of moving components are significantly reduced by effective lubrication. The purpose of any lubricant – which may take the form of an oil, a grease or a solid – is to separate the mating surfaces and thereby reduce friction and wear. For this reason, lubrication is considered to be one of the most important aspects of most industrial equipment and machinery maintenance programmes Not only do lubricants, oils and greases extend the service life of machinery and equipment, but they also play an important role in enhancing performance of components, like bearings and industrial chain.”


BMG’s range of Spanjaard industrial products includes anti-seize compounds and penetrants, assembly and disassembly products, chain lubricants, transmission oils, cleaners and degreasers, electrical maintenance products, plastic moulding and cutting compounds, as well as engineering and fabrication materials. Also available are a number of Spanjaard greasing solutions, including open gear lubricants and wire rope dressings; bearing and synthetic bearing greases, as well as other general grease products.

Spanjaard EP2 multipurpose greaseSpanjaard EP2 multipurpose grease is an all-purpose, lithium-based grease, which is fortified with rust and oxidation inhibitors and is suitable for lubrication of plain, needle, ball and roller bearings in mining equipment.

Spanjaard 1345 wire rope dressing penetrates deep into the core of the rope for continued lubrication of the wire strands and protection against fretting. This dressing contains solid lubricants and anti-corrosion additives, to resist displacement by high-load pressures and water.

Also in BMG’s Spanjaard range is an electric motor cleaner, which is a high flash-point safety solvent, specially developed for removing deposits on electric motor windings. This cleaner dissolves oil and grease and removes dust and grime from electrical and mechanical components and quickly evaporates, to minimise downtime.

Spanjaard chain oil 718 is a medium viscosity chain lubricant, which is used on heavy plate conveyors and is also effective on creasing and cutting machines. This chain oil is based on a highly refined mineral oil and contains MoS2 that acts as an anti-wear agent and extreme pressure additive, providing lubrication when the chain is subjected to shock loads.

The range also includes chain and linkage spray that contains low-friction, soluble molybdenum in a special lubricating base that penetrates like oil deep into linkages and lubricates like grease. This water-resistant spray is suitable for standard and “O” ring type chains, linkages and cables. 360° valve technology allows spraying at all angles, including upside down. This non-staining spray resists fling-off and remains adhered to surfaces in inaccessible places to give long-lasting protection in demanding conditions.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa