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Bulk Handling Made Easy with Samson

Samson bulk handling

BLT SA, exclusive distributors in sub-Saharan Africa for bulk materials handling equipment manufacturers, Samson Materials Handling Limited, supplies an extensive range of fixed and mobile conveying equipment to diverse sectors, including mining, agriculture, shipping, transport, power and general industry.

“Samson  Materials Handling Limited, previously known as B&W Mechanical Handling Limited (part of the international Aumund Group) was rebranded at the beginning of 2013. The company, which was established in 1966, offers mobile material handling equipment with flexibility and reliability from truck intake, through to stacking and ship loading,” says Charity Gumede, Marketing Director of BLT SA. “These automated handling systems, which ensure minimal civil works, offer an attractive alternative to expensive fixed installations. Operating costs are low and maintenance requirements are minimal.

“Samson equipment is designed for specific applications, taking into consideration the widely differing handling characteristics of each bulk material.” Samson designs and manufactures bulk handling equipment, which includes link conveyors, grab hoppers, material feeders, radial boom stackers and mobile ship loaders. New to the range are telescopic conveyors for radial telescopic stacking and tracked Stormajor boom feeders. These machines are currently in production in the UK and will be launched locally later this year.

The new boom feeder BF0415T, which is an advancement of the wheeled system to the tracked version, improves performance, reliability and manoeuvrability. This machine, with a 15m boom length and a maximum capacity of 1 000tph, is designed for efficient stockpiling, barge loading, ship loading and rail wagon loading. This boom feeder operates safely and efficiently in all conditions, even in arduous environments. Tracked Stormajor boom feeders have been designed for utilisation with articulated dump trucks up to 30-tons capacity, road tipping trucks hauling 30-ton trailers and wheel loaders with a bucket capacity of up to 8m³.

The BF0415T can also be supplied with an interchangeable 20m boom – this is convenient for fleet owners and operators requiring a huge stockpiling capacity over multiple sites. The compact design means this boom feeder can be deployed and operational within minutes of being delivered to site. The Stormajor boom feeder combines the benefits of the Samson material feeder unit with a radial outloading boom, both of which are mounted to a common chassis as a fully integrated mobile stacker that is able to receive material from tipping trucks and loading shovels.

With the radial boom feature (130° boom radial range) this boom stacker is able to efficiently create vast stockpiles, with minimal machine movements. Using a hydraulic cylinder in tension, a wide angular range may be accommodated, allowing the boom to be lowered almost horizontally. This system allows material with a low repose angle to be stockpiled at steep conveyor angles without material engulfing the main axle wheels.

A range of optional equipment and accessories provides flexibility in bulk materials handling applications on the mines. For example, enclosure systems with the option of extraction equipment are used for handling dusty materials.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa