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Imvusa Projects invests in CASE 580T backhoe loader for challenging projects

Imvusa Projects has invested in a new CASE 580T tractor loader backhoe (TLB) from Case Construction Equipment (CSE) which is currently in use at a challenging multi-level residential construction project in Ballito, KwaZulu-Natal.

Imvusa Projects invests in CASE 580T backhoe loader for challenging projects

Exceptional turning circle ability for safe manoeuvrability

“There are many difficulties associated with working on this site, including steep terrain, limited access to the property and unstable soil conditions,” explains Rowen Dessington, Managing Director, Imvusa Projects, specialists in construction and demolition. “It was critical in the selection of construction equipment for this project, that we invested in robust machines, that could cope efficiently and safely in a tough coastal environment.

“In choosing our new CASE 580T backhoe loader, we considered critical factors, like fuel efficiency and power performance, while safe operation is of utmost importance when working stability is required on muddy, steep slopes. This machine has an exceptional turning circle ability for safe manoeuvrability on steep access roads with limited space to work.

“We are impressed with the versatility of CASE T-series machines, which offer high productivity in diverse applications, even harsh operating conditions. This machine meets all our specifications for urban work, including low noise levels, reduced exhaust emissions, stability on site and minimal surface damage. Added to this, excellent front loader visibility and mechanical self-levelling make loading and unloading much easier for our operators. We are also pleased with minimal maintenance requirements.

Our new CASE 580T backhoe loader will be used in upcoming projects

“Once this project is complete, our new CASE 580T backhoe loader will be used in upcoming projects in residential and commercial property developments around the country.

“Apart from the offer from CSE for a comprehensive service plan, with an additional 5 000 hour extended warranty for our new TLB, we also rely on dependable on-site support from the KZN CSE team, to ensure efficient and timeous completion of this project.

“The off-the-grid green 880 m² four-storey open-plan house will have an elevator, wine cellar, cinema, en-suite bathrooms, three garages and undercover parking, state-of-the-art workshop, laundry, staff facilities and accommodation, office and gym, as well a 30 m long suspended swimming pool facing the ocean.”

In addition to residential and property development, Imvusa Projects also focusses on warehousing construction and specialised applications for concrete works, steel structures and waterproofing. The company is also an OEM applicator for poly-urethane applications for tanking of ponds, retaining walls and slabs.

Additional information

Key features of CASE 580T backhoe loaders are excellent performance and high torque delivered by fuel-efficient, turbo-charged, after-cooled Tier 3 engines.

The curved main boom increases digging performance and curved front loader arms improve truck loading and unloading, while mechanical self-levelling assists the operator. Boom, dipper and swing cylinders have standard hydraulic end-stroke cushioning for smooth operation, enhanced precision and extended component life. Over-lapping boom cylinders provide lower transport height and the narrow boom width improves visibility for the operator.

The loader’s Powershift transmission, with a kick-down button, improves traction, even on tough terrain and also improves bucket retention. The flat-bottomed bucket, float position on the control lever and an automatic return-to-dig function, ensure precise grading, optimal penetration and reduced effort in repetitive loading operations. The ‘ride control facility’ reduces loader arm bounce during travel on all surfaces, maintaining maximum material retention, at higher speeds.

Imvusa Projects invests in CASE 580T backhoe loader for challenging projects

The optional 4-wheel drive and 100% locking differential fitted to the rear axle improve mobility and loaded performance, where job site conditions are muddy and where extra traction is essential. An engine pre-filter is standard for dusty working conditions.

Site security features, which are designed to prevent vandalism, include an engine hood lock, anti-theft devices and a lockable battery box. The hydraulic tank is fitted with a secure oil cap breather to prevent siphoning.

CASE electronic service tool enables rapid rail engine diagnostics

This series has been designed for minimal downtime and reduced maintenance requirements. Daily check and fill points are accessible from ground level, to save time. The braking system uses the machine’s main hydraulic oil reservoir, which means there is no requirement for a separate filler. Large capacity fuel tanks ensure longer working hours between refills, increasing operational hours on site. The CASE electronic service tool enables rapid rail engine diagnostics for reduced downtime.

These machines, with a large cab for improved operator comfort, have also been designed for reduced internal cab noise levels. Fully adjustable control lever towers and a return-to-idle button, enhance precision control.

The multi-purpose 6-in-1 and 4-in-1 loader buckets cope efficiently with different working conditions of digging, loading and unloading, flattening and levelling applications.

CASE Construction Equipment supports its range of CASE equipment with a technical advisory and maintenance service throughout the country. Operator and mechanic training are also provided.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa