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DFSK brings bang for buck LCVs to SA

If you require a little more grunt to lug things around, there’s also a 1,3-litre version of the Mini Truck with 58kW of power and 103Nm of torque on tap

Making a splash at the Johannesburg International Motor Show two years ago, DFSK launched its range of pick-ups and panel vans to the South African market as some of the most affordable models on sale at the time.


Locally the DFSK dealer network consists of more than 40 dealers throughout Southern Africa, all adhering to a minimum standard set out by DFSK International and DFSK South Africa to ensure that customers get the right vehicle for their business needs at the right price for their pocket.

The current DFSK range consists of a Mini Truck, Mini Van and Mini Bus, all based on the same compact chassis and each offering a level of practicality that’s unbeatable at the price. Should you find yourself starting out as a small businessman or courier service provider, then the entry-level DFSK Mini Truck will undoubtedly meet your requirements as it’s powered by a one-litre fourcylinder petrol engine that boasts electronic fuel injection to generate 35kW of power and 76N.m of torque.

DFSK claims that the Mini Truck offers a maximum loading capacity of 670 kilograms.

If you require a little more grunt to lug things around, there’s also a 1,3-litre version of the Mini Truck with 58kW of power and 103N.m of torque on tap. Despite its diminutive proportions, DFSK claims that the Mini Truck offers a maximum loading capacity of 670 kilograms, while the single cab’s load box measures in at 2 300mm x 1 500mm and a depth of 335mm.

However, if the trucks don’t meet the needs of your business operation, DFSK also offers these powertrains in a Mini Truck double cab, which offers the combination of load-carrying capability as well as people-carrying capability. The double cab is only available with the 1,3-litre petrol engine and offers comfortable seating for four passengers, with each seat equipped with a three-point seat belt.

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Cargo space on the back of the double cab measures 1 390mm x 1 400mm at a depth of 335mm. Finally, to aid with loading and unloading, both DFSK Mini Truck variants come standard with drop-sides for the load area, as well as protective bars across the rear window.

If you find yourself working in inclement weather and to prevent cargo from being stolen while the vehicle is unattended, the DFSK Panel Van model offers seating for two, as well as a loading area that measures in at 2 000mm x 1 320mm x 1 320mm.

It also features a wide-opening rear hatch to allow for relatively large items to be loaded, while an additional single sliding door on the side of the vehicle aids in overall ease of use in confined areas.

To ensure that the DFSK range remains safe to use even by novice drivers, all models come with disc brakes up front and traditional drum brakes for the rear. Its suspension consists of McPherson struts with coil springs and dampers in the front, and independent leaf springs with dampers at the rear. Prices for the DFSK Mini Truck start at R74 990 and you can have any colour you like – as long as it’s white!


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