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FAW SA recognised for major achievements

FAW AwardsThe commitment by FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA (Pty) Ltd to the African region and its successes last year and so far in 2017 have not gone unnoticed. Recognised as the most determined and most successful Export and Import business unit of the massive FAW Group worldwide, the local company has received a sought-after accolade.

FAW in South Africa was recognised this year in China, amidst representatives from all the active FAW regions world-wide. At the FAW Import and Export Corporation’s annual Global Sales and Marketing Conference in Chengdu, Richard H. Leiter, Executive Director, who attended on behalf of FAW SA, received the special honour of the “FAW – Best Distributor Award 2016”.

Wang Zhijian, President of the FAW Import and Export Corporation, said he was proud to announce the award and explained:

“This award stands for the united spirit of FAW employees and dealer partners who jointly tackle regional and global challenges. It is awarded in recognition of singular collaboration between all teams and all individuals working for the company or dealers in sales, aftermarket, service and support, parts and maintenance, and finance and insurance. It acknowledges these teams that have worked according to a coordinated strategy with a single unified vision.”

While the award mainly recognises the efforts of a particular year, the fact remains that FAW SA is continuing with its growth strategy in 2017. FAW SA set new benchmarks and company sales records in both January and February. First were the astounding 107 units sold in January, setting the highest benchmark yet for FAW SA, regarding year-on-year growth comparisons. As if this in itself was not astonishing enough, FAW SA further had another record in February. This achievement was even more exciting for all the employees and partners when the company and its dealers racked up 134 units sold, the most ever recorded in a single month.

This year’s momentum follows on many of last year’s successes. One of these 2016 highlights happened in the second half of the year when the Coega-based plant near Port Elizabeth saw its 2 000th locally built truck roll off the production line, after just two years of production, giving rightful claim to the company’s motto – ‘Built in South Africa, for Africa’.

It was in the export market that FAW SA was particularly prominent and flourished in 2016, having one of the most consistent month-on-month export drives in the SA truck building industry. The company exceeded the 200-unit mark in exports into African countries in just a year of exports.

Jianyu Hao, CEO of FAW SA, adds: “What is most gratifying is that many of our units being bought by sub-Saharan customers are now second, and soon to be delivered, our third generation repurchases. This affirms our commitment for service and support into the African regions.”

The Coega-plant has also been the bedrock for further investments in the region as a number of China-based industrial giants have visited Coega to see first-hand what the region can offer in infrastructure, logistics and labour. The FAW SA plant, at a start-up cost of USD60 million, was the first massive investment by a China-based company in the Eastern Cape region. A number of Chinese companies are considering following suit, based on FAW SA’s successes.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa