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Faymonville Transports Turbine

The Angolan government has planned major investments to optimise the nation’s power supply. To transport the gas turbines and generators, ModulMAX axle lines are rolling through the African Republic . . .

Turbine transport through Angola with Faymonville

ModulMAX axle lines are being used in developing the energy grid

The company SLC and its heavy transport subsidiary FM Global used ten axle lines of the G-SL module series for the special assignments this project entailed. Several turbines and generators weighing between 180 and 210 tonnes were transported.

“Thanks to the flexible method of construction, we could assemble the combination in such a way that the high and very concentrated loading weight was ideally distributed. As a result, bridges could be crossed without difficulty”, says Claudio Vieira from SLC, praising the vehicle’s adaptability.

SLC Angola_1 (Small)

Moreover, thanks to the drawbar that can also be used as a push rod, on inclines one can gain additional power through a second tractor unit. Already during the transport planning Faymonville´s own software Falco helped with all of the calculations.

Faymonville delivers SLC an exceptional product in addition to excellent technical support during the project planning.

“This support allowed us to deal successfully with a number of tricky situations. Faymonville staff gave us training in advance, so we were fully prepared. And later as well we were quickly and reliably advised on every issue that came up”.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa