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Firestone mix business and pleasure at Nampo Harvest Day

Firestone South Africa upgraded its display at this year’s NAMPO Harvest Day celebrations with a bit of karaoke fun.

Firestone is a permanent participant in the NAMPO Harvest Day Festival, where it has a fixed structure to host visiting farmers and share detailed information on its range of agricultural tyres.


Thandeka Ngoma, Chief Marketing Officer at Bridgestone South Africa, explains: “As part of the Bridgestone Group, Firestone can rightly claim to be a market leader in agricultural tyres and support to the farming community.

“Agricultural tyres are a speciality field, and we pride ourselves on having many skilled and knowledgeable specialists on hand to advise farmers on the best tyre choices for the terrain and their specific application.”

This year, Firestone used the opportunity to also host its Firestone Karaoke Kombis at its NAMPO stand.

FirestoneLike always, it had two VW Kombis on display, a restored 1972 Brasília Kombi and a brand-new VW Kombi with a selection of English and Afrikaans tunes to choose from, which was made available with support from Volkswagen South Africa. At NAMPO all the participants – singing old- and new karaoke songs – jumped into the new-school bus, while the old-school kombi acted as display vehicle.

More than 250 visitors to the NAMPO show signed up to sing from the Firestone catalogue of over 30 000 songs. In each case, the aspiring singer or group would choose a song, sign, jump in and sing their hearts out, before receiving a link to their performance on the Internet.

“Over the past few months, the two Karaoke Kombis have travelled far and wide to entertain fans and visitors to different music events and festivals. The #FirestoneKK visit to NAMPO has proven to be one of our most successful campaigns to date, thanks in some part to the popularity of the Firestone stand and the number of visitors that came to view our agricultural tyres,” says Ngoma.

For more information on the Firestone Karaoke Kombi activation, visit Firestone’s Facebook page at or see some of the karaoke action at

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa