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Foton BJ1089 – The trusted ‘workaholic’ workhorse

Foton BJ1089 - The trusted 'workaholic' workhorse

The Foton BJ1089 takes long hauls and short runs in its stride

The Foton BJ1089 has been dubbed the ‘workaholic’ workhorse. This truck just keeps on going. It takes long hauls and short runs in its stride. Refrigerated cargo, general freight, logistics, farming and milling operations are all within a day’s work.

Foton trucks are imported, distributed and sold in Southern Africa by AICC Automotive Imports CC (AICC). The Foton BJ1089 has a 9,5 ton GCM capacity, but with the fuel efficiency of a much lighter truck.

It’s therefore not surprising that the Foton BJ1089 is finding great favour across all sectors, most especially in the logistics industry. The Foton BJ1089, with a recorded fuel consumption of between 6 and 8km per litre, fits very well into the medium commercial vehicle category as a no-nonsense, economical workhorse.

Powered by the LOVOL Euro 2 turbocharged 3,760-litre diesel engine with an output of 101kW at 2 600 r/min and a torque of 445N.m at 1 400 to 1 600 r/min, the powerhouse is complemented by the 6-speed synchromesh 6G120/6T46 transmission.

The Foton BJ1089 has been dubbed the ‘workaholic’ workhorse

With this driveline combination the Foton BJ1089 is a lively performer and is able to keep up with traffic conditions demanded for quick urban deliveries. With a boosted clutch system and the benefits of power steering, the Foton BJ1089 copes well in congested and narrow areas.

The Foton BJ1089 is fitted with dual-circuit, air-actuated drum brakes, assisted by powerful air-operated exhaust brakes. The cab design is modern and distinctive with its black-moulded grille. Inside the layout is uncluttered and the instrument cluster, positioned directly in front of the driver, is well calibrated and clear, providing a good account of the functions coming from the engine.

Attention has been paid to the ergonomics of the cab, as the driving position is comfortable, enabling the driver excellent access to all the controls. The materials used in the cab are of superior quality, even to the extent of having a multi-layer composite material in the roof lining to ensure excellent insulation against heat and noise intrusion.

Refrigerated cargo, general freight, logistics, farming and milling operations are all within a day’s work

A major feature of the cab design, ensuring overall comfort, is the cab suspension system, which reduces vibration from the road and also insulates against high noise levels all round. Visibility through the panoramic windscreen is excellent, complemented by the large sloping power-operated side windows.

A safety feature is the array of mirrors fitted to the vehicle, which ensure that the driver is in total control by having all the corners of the vehicle visible. AICC Automotive Imports CC has been active in this region for close on 30 years.

Their commercial interests and experience ranges from direct importation and distribution (wholesale and retail) of vehicles, as well as vehicle accessories and components. In addition, their experience includes establishing and running automotive franchise dealerships, as well as car and truck rental businesses.

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Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa