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Fuso ensures Anchor Yeast’s share of the market keeps rising

As Southern Africa’s leading yeast manufacturer, Anchor Yeast produces yeast for the baking, wine-making and consumer markets in South Africa. Established in 1923, the company attributes its growing success to the solid relationships it has with its customers, employees and suppliers. Fuso Trucks Southern Africa is now also part of the fold.

Fuso ensures Anchor Yeast’s share of the market keeps rising

“We are always looking at opportunities and this is the case with the trucks that we use to run our business. The Fuso FE 8-150 and the FA 9-137 that we used as demos for three months proved to be impressive, as we compared them to our current fleet. We used them for stop-start operations, as well as for long-distance applications, and we were pleasantly surprised. That is why we ended up buying six Fusos to form a vital part of our extending fleet,” says Johan van Zyl, National Distribution Manager for Anchor Yeast.

“Anyone can provide support when things are going well, but where the Fuso team has proven to be excellent is when things go wrong, as they do from time to time. Dealing with perishable goods such as yeast, we know just how critical it is to be able to pick up the phone and receive the type of service that the Fuso team offers us,” he adds.

“Anchor cannot exist on its own. Our chain means that all our suppliers are part of our business, and that is exactly how we regard Fuso. “We have never had an AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) truck before, and I was extremely sceptical about the idea when Fuso suggested the FE 8-150, which is an AMT. Such a huge vehicle had me worried about the power it would offer, but the numbers it returned were phenomenal.

“The load capacity of these vehicles has also been class-leading, as it manages to carry so much more than other trucks with the same specifications. That makes a huge difference when it comes to our various deliveries.”

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa