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Hilux SRX Hits the Gym

Toyota Hilux SRX Models Receive an Upgrade

The Toyota Hilux range remains one of SA’s favourite vehicles, with the new model having racked up over 30 000 units since introduction in February this year. Topping sales charts on a consistent basis, the monthly sales figures are testament to South African’s love, respect and trust for the ‘bakkie’.

The vehicle market can be a strange beast, with varying trends, buying patterns and market forces shaping it. To this end Toyota has analysed the market carefully and as the company prides itself on being customer-focused, conducted in-depth customer research. As a result of this approach, Toyota is pleased to introduce the upgraded Hilux SRX models.

Beefed-up Body

The most significant change comes in the form of the change from the previous ‘narrow- body’ design to the new ‘wide-body’ construction. Metaphorically speaking, the Hilux SRX has been subjected to a rigorous gym exercise programme, with the result that it now stands wider, taller and more prominent.

The change to the wide-configuration, brings along with it bold, integrated over-fenders (as seen on existing Raider models) paired with a wider, front bumper design. This re-profiled exterior adds 55mm to the width of Single-cab and Double-cab SRX derivatives (up to 1855mm).

Xtra-cab models already boast the ‘wide-body’ construction, and as such all three body shapes now share the same exterior width dimension.

The exterior mirrors inherit turn signal lamps, whilst retaining the durable matte black treatment and electric adjustment.

Inch-up Alloy Wheels

The exterior façade is enhanced with a change to wider-track 17” alloy wheels (previously steel wheels), shod with 265/65/R17 all-terrain rubber (an increase from the current 225/70/R17 specified items). The new wheels are shared with the Raider grade, lending the SRX some solid street cred.

Dimensional ‘Gains’

As many fitness enthusiasts will testify to, it’s all about the gains…In this regard the ‘pumped-up’ SRX’s vital stats definitely measure up.

At a glance:

Single Cab SRX
Current New Change
Width (mm) 1800 1855 +55
Length (mm) 5335 5335 0
Height (mm) 1795 1795 0
Front Tread 1495 1535 +40
Rear Tread 1510 1550 +40
Double Cab SRX
Current New Change
Width (mm) 1800 1855 +55
Length (mm) 5335 5335 0
Height (mm) 1815 1815 0
Front Tread 1495 1535 +40
Rear Tread 1510 1550 +40

Balanced Lifestyle

The latest round of upgrades to the Hilux SRX, positions it to occupy a unique space in the LCV market.

Whilst retaining its go-anywhere, do-anything utility credentials, the SRX derivatives now incorporate enhanced exterior styling – which are sure to appeal to the leisure buyer as well.

The new SRX package perfectly complements the sublimely capable 110kW, 400Nm 2.4 litre GD-6 engine (or 2.7 litre petrol VVTi powerplant) and delivers a bakkie that will work hard in the week, whilst allowing its owners to play just as hard over weekends too – and look good doing it.

A Model for All

The model line-up remains as per current with a multitude of configurations, engines and body-shapes, ensuring that there is a Hilux for all. (See attached Price list for full details)

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa