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HPE Africa’s robust range of Hyundai construction equipment for municipalities

HPE Africa works closely with municipalities around the country, through the supply and support of construction equipment that offers dependable performance, low maintenance requirements and extended service life.

The company’s range of Hyundai equipment – which encompasses wheel loaders, wheeled and tracked excavators, backhoe loaders and skid steer loaders – will be extended soon, with the launch of the new HX series excavators.

“It is important for municipalities, with limited capital equipment budgets, to make judicious decisions about the selection of suitable machines for specific tasks. Typical applications for earthmoving machines include the construction of buildings and roads, demolition work, landscaping, power supply, sewage and water projects,”

explains Ross, Collard, managing director of HPE Africa, part of the Capital Equipment Group (CEG) of Invicta Holdings Limited.

“Typically, in municipalities these machines are used to dig up and move large amounts of earth or materials, to create holes and to dig trenches and foundations. They are also designed to grade soil and remove dirt and rocks.

“The HPE Africa team assists decision-makers in municipal projects with correct machine selection to ensure efficient capital expenditure, optimize productivity, reduce downtime and enhance safety on site.

“Apart from the supply of durable machines, we have reliable repair and maintenance facilities, with highly skilled technical staff to support our wide range of equipment. Our customers also appreciate the Hyundai factory warranty two years/3000 hours offered through HPE Africa.

“We work closely with every customer to modify equipment when necessary, to meet exact performance requirements. Field tests ensure that every Hyundai machine conforms with stringent quality and safety specifications and meets exact application requirements.”

Hyundai skid steers, backhoe loaders, mini excavators and 210 Smart excavators, which can be seen hard at work in municipal projects around the country, will soon be complemented by HX220S excavators, which are due to be launched locally in January 2021.

New Hyundai HX220S excavators have advanced designed features for dependable performance. These include variable power control, a single layer cooling system, a reinforced bucket and bucket linkage, and powerful and precise swing control, as well as reduced shock and vibration through the new cab mounting system.

These environmentally friendly machines have a 6-cylinder turbo-charged, 4 cycle engine, designed for low emissions and economic operation. HX220S excavators, with an operating weight of 21 260 kg, have a gross power rating of 110 KW at 2 000 rpm and a bucket capacity of 1,2 m³.

What’s notable is the engine of this series has been designed with 40% fewer parts than other machines in the same class. The weight of the machine has been reduced, with no compromise on the excavator’s strength or efficiency.

Other design features include an improved intelligent display, easy to reach control panels and for greater safety on site, the wide cab offers improved all-round visibility. For effortless maintenance, these machines are fitted with easy to maintain components, a centralized electrical box and an easy change air cleaner assembly.

According to HPE Africa, mini excavators are well-suited for most small to medium size construction

According to HPE Africa, mini excavators are well-suited for most small to medium size construction, repair and demolition projects carried out by municipalities.

Compact Hyundai mini excavator machines are fuel-efficient, have excellent power-to-weight ratios and are easy to transport from one site to another. Because of their small size, these useful machines are able to swing within a small radius, allowing work in restricted spaces.

Lightweight excavators have a small footprint and cause less damage to work surfaces, like grass and asphalt, making them ideal to work in municipal gardens, parks and parking areas. When fitted with rubber-tracks they can even work in warehouses and with their low operating noise levels, they are often used on residential job sites.

Agile mini excavators cope efficiently with tasks that would otherwise be performed with great difficulty. Typical applications include digging holes, creating trenches, demolishing small structures, repairing sewer lines and landscaping. Mini excavators are also used to remove stumps, for digging irrigation ditches and creating garden ponds, as well as general maintenance work.

All Hyundai machines have advanced features for precision control

All Hyundai machines have advanced features for precision control, including a smart auto boom-swing priority, computer-aided power (CAPO) and an efficient hydraulic system. Hyundai’s CAPO system interfaces with multiple sensors throughout the hydraulic system, as well as the electronically controlled engine, to provide the optimum level of engine power and hydraulic flow for maximum performance and productivity. This system also provides complete self-diagnostic features and digital gauges for critical information, such as hydraulic oil and water temperatures and fuel levels.

Operators are able to easily select the correct power mode for specific applications. For example, P (Power Max) mode maximizes machine speed and power for mass production. S (Standard) mode provides a reduced, fixed rpm for optimum performance, greater control and improved fuel economy. E (Economy) mode provides precise flow and engine power, based on load demand. By using the versatile U (User) mode, the operator can customize engine speed, pump output, idle speed and other precise machine settings for the specific job.

HPE Africa’s Soosan hydraulic breakers and quick couplers are complimentary attachments to the company’s Hyundai construction equipment.

These breakers combine advanced technology for high productivity and a robust structure, to ensure extended service life and minimal maintenance requirements. Notable features include a high power to weight ratio for optimum efficiency and a patented valve system, which is synchronized with a simple hydraulic system

HPE Africa's robust range of Hyundai construction equipment for municipalities
HPE Africa’s range of Hyundai construction equipment is being used in many construction, road works, demolition and water supply projects around the country.
Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa