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ISUZU – A Preferred Trucking Solutions Partner

The statement that Isuzu is ‘with you for the long run is exactly the reason why ISUZU has become the overall leading brand in trucking for the past 10 years.

Trucks, especially ISUZU trucks, are forecast to have a first economic life before major overhaul of at least 10 years. It’s this long-term view that road transport operators have for parts and service support which has ensured the success of ISUZU in South Africa. And it is not just a high availability of parts and service in one location – it is the national footprint of 35 ISUZU truck dealers.

Quality is not negotiable,” observes Craig Uren, Senior Vice President Revenue Generation Southern African Customs Union, of ISUZU Motors South Africa. Uren adds – “But the enemy of trucking is downtime and even the best truck can leave productive service if parts are not available. Trucking uptime is the result of many support factors coming together at ISUZU Motors South Africa and it all starts with an ISUZU truck range from which it is easy to select a truck model with the correct gross vehicle or gross combination mass (GVM or GCM).

Any truck operator will confirm that selecting the right truck for the task will in the long-term result in the lowest cents/kilometer (CPK). Vehicle section starts at the rear where a custom-built cargo body matches the payload and work to be done – it is not about one size fits all.

Uren comments – “Our consulting, vehicle selection, performance prediction and costing services are considerably enhanced by our association as full licensees of Truck Science TransSolve software. This enables ISUZU and our dealers to forecast trucking productivity with reasonable accuracy, a service that Isuzu fleet owners appreciate

Isuzu has also been an innovative leader with specialist models that reduce CPK while increasing productivity and safety. Comments Uren – “First-in-class has been the success of Automated Manual Transmissions (AMT) – with 21,000 AMT model units sold, this ISUZU technology is well accepted. Isuzu crew cabs are starting to become a common sight on our roads instead of people perched on top of the cargo – an increase in fleet safety. ISUZU niche models are doing exceptionally well – refuse compactors and 4X4 models.”

An impressive package of services is available to ISUZU fleets

under the title of ISUZU Mobility. This provides Fixed Cost operating for individuals and companies – funding for maintenance, servicing and repairs is sourced from advanced payments for a period or kilometers travelled. For ISUZU trucks this is referred to as CPK – Cents Per Kilometer maintenance plan.

The first of its kind in South Africa, ISUZU Motors South Africa is now offering an innovative aftersales solution in the form of Variable Warranty plans. These are specifically tailored to fit the needs of short, medium, or long-haul operators and will enhance ISUZU truck customer experience.

ISUZU satisfies modern fleet management expectations with the most up to date telematics system. Telematics offers real-time fleet management and driver development – it is an essential component of driver training. Telematics is also leading evidence in any court action following a road incident and thus protects a driver against spurious claims.

The entire ISUZU range benefits from a telematics-ready truck and stolen vehicle recovery hardware installed at factory. This includes a panic button and driver ID tag reader already installed. Compatible with the MixTelematics fleet management system, it is also compatible with existing third-party fleet management systems at a small additional cost. The stolen vehicle recovery service ready – BEAME – has been installed for some years now.

“We are proud to offer ISUZU operators a complete suite of services,” says Craig Uren, Senior Vice President Revenue Generation Southern African Customs Union, of ISUZU Motors South Africa, and concludes: “ISUZU comes with a package of solutions – we look forward to partnerships with you for the long run.”


Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa