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Isuzu trucks carry more weight

The latest improvements made to Isuzu Truck’s models are to ensure that the brand remains popular amongst all sectors that require trucks as part of their operations. This is according to the Isuzu Truck South Africa’s General Manager Product and Sales, Tiny Daya.FTR850 and other isuzu truck models

He says: “Our customers expect Payload Productivity and SuperiorCPK (cost-per-kilometre). To this end, we’ve engineered our 2016 model year trucks to carry a little more weight than their predecessors, while remaining within the appropriate weight classes (GVM) and without compromising safety.”

Isuzu Truck’s General Manager, Product and Sales, Tiny Daya.
Isuzu Truck’s General Manager, Product and Sales, Tiny Daya.

The latest FTR850, for example, offers an increase on GVM from 15 tons GVM to 15,5 tons GVM. Other models, like the FVM, have increased from 22 tons to 24 tons, while the FVZ models are boosted from 24 tons to 25,1 tons, improving efficiencies for the transporter when it comes down to carrying capacity – especially on trucks with custom bodies and accessories.

Daya points out that improvements in carrying capacity across the Isuzu truck range haven’t resulted in a compromise in safety, and all Isuzus sold in South Africa are fitted with class-leading anti-lock braking systems (ABS) tested to the M3 Standard.

“Our trucks are so superior when it comes to braking that they remain tremendously popular as road-legal bus platforms,” he adds.

South African government regulations, which come into effect at the start of December this year, require all new trucks sold to be fitted with electronic speed limiters in accordance to the weight class in which they operate.

Isuzu Truck says that all its trucks will now be fitted with electronic speed limiters, hard-wired into the trucks.

Satisfied that its current range of trucks meets and exceeds customers’ requirements, Isuzu will now undertake testing of a new CNG truck, as well as a diesel-hybrid electric truck, for the SA market to assess the suitability and viability of these products.

Daya highlights that Isuzu Truck’s customers expect quality and reliability, and also a solid return on their investment.

“This means that the improvements we make are to ensure a reduced CPK and improved lifecycle for the truck. Our technologies, like AMT, and our dedication to customer service are two good examples of how we’ve improved lives for business owners and we are confident our latest range of trucks are solidly built for success,” he says.


Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa