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Kangoo on the fast track to success

Powered by the company’s venerable 1,6-litre naturally-aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine, the Kangoo Express offers a pleasantly less high-tech approach to delivery solutions than some of its other European competitors

Now in its third generation, the Renault Kangoo is more competent, versatile and costeffective to operate than ever before, making it the ideal choice for all types of business users, from individual tradesmen to large fleets that require economical, dependable and agile transportation specifically designed for the urban jungle. In its development of the new Kangoo, Renault’s engineers and designers were guided by the needs and requirements of commercial small van users.


Renault engineers carried out a detailed analysis of how tradesmen and delivery drivers use their vehicle day-in and day-out, while maintaining their focus on differentiating the new Kangoo Express by using modern and expressive styling. Jumping into the driver’s seat will immediately highlight the lengths that Renault has gone to in terms of making the cockpit as spacious and bright as possible, to ensure that the driver and his co-driver are cocooned in a pleasant environment.

Moreover, despite its utilitarian presentation, the Kangoo Express offers driving comfort that would rival most compact passenger cars in terms of damping, body-roll and drivetrain clatter. It also offers a raised driving position, durable high-quality seats and good forward visibility due to its massive windscreen, as well as a dashboard-mounted gearshift and electrically-assisted steering to make it easy for drivers of varying statures to pilot.

There are also many small touches in the cabin that sets it apart from the competition, giving it an slight edge when it comes to an ergonomically sound approach to business motoring. It offers numerous ingenious storage areas, including an A4-format document storage area on the top of the dashboard, complete with pen holder, and there’s also easy-to-access 13-litre ceiling rack that is designed to hold items such as a maps, delivery documents or even a small duffel bag.

The Kangoo doesn’t skimp on comfort and convenience features either, as its drivers will no doubt appreciate its standard air-conditioning, remote central locking, a trip computer and a height-adjustable driver’s seat. Further creature comforts can be added in the form of a dealer-fitted audio system that comprises of an MP3-compatible CD player and Bluetooth audio connectivity for hands-free operation of a mobile phone.


Powered by the company’s tried and tested 1,6-litre naturally-aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine, the Kangoo Express offers a less high-tech drivetrain approach to delivery solutions than some of its other European competitors. The engine produces 64kW at 5 500rpm and a maximum torque of 128N.m, with as much as 90% of the torque available from 2 000rpm.

This results in solid acceleration qualities even when fully laden. Services are required every 15 000km, while the engine’s air filter only needs to be replaced at 30 000km intervals. The Kangoo is covered by a three-year/60 000km service plan, as well as a comprehensive five-year/150 000 km warranty, all of which is included in its retail price of R179 900.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa