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LCV sales in SA showing slight improvement

2015 sales of 108 821 units being 2,1% higher than last year

The SA market for light commercial vehicles and vans is holding up reasonably well after the first eight months of 2015 with cumulative sales of 108 821 units being 2,1% higher than the figure at the same time last year.

However, August was disappointing, with sales down 6,6% compared to August 2014. Exports of LCVs were down by 2% YTD due to lower demand from Africa, where the economic situation in some countries is dire due to the ongoing low oil price.

LCV sales end of August 2015

The LCV Sales – a Titanic Battle

There is a titanic battle going on between the long-time champion, Toyota Hilux, and the up-and-coming Ford Ranger for supremacy in the high-profile one-ton bakkie market.

The leader in this range is also currently the top selling model range in the total vehicle market in SA these days, due to the makeup of the market, where the bulk of the passenger car volume is spread among several strong sellers.

Ranger edged past Hilux in August, but on a cumulative YTD basis the Hilux is still 153 units ahead.

This tussle is set to continue as Ford runs out the current Ranger model to make way for a major facelift in November, while the present Hilux will be replaced by an all-new range in the first quarter of 2016.

The Dacia/Renault-based Nissan NP200 has managed to pull a gap ahead of its rival, the Chevrolet Utility, in the half-ton segment and is in third place overall.

The Toyota Quantum continues to rule in the people-carrier market, while the Volkswagen Caddy remains the most popular light van.

LCV sales2

Sales statistics supplied by NAAMSA and Lightstone

By Roger Houghton