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MasterDrive shines at Simola Hillclimb

In the fourth consecutive year of involvement, the 2024 Simola Hillclimb became witness to MasterDrive‘s ever-expanding role in the event and the accolades achieved. Starting as the providers of safety cars, MasterDrive’s contribution has since grown exponentially.

MasterDrive has extended their presence to the delivery of VIP rides, as competitors in the Hillclimb with one of the members being the winner of the MasterDrive Driver Search and participation in Classic Car Friday.

MasterDrive’s Safety Cars

Continuing its commitment to safety, MasterDrive once again played the crucial role of driving the safety cars for the 2024 Simola Hillclimb. The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert says: “We are always passionate about combining safety with motorsport. We are proud that the motorsport environment remained as safe as possible, with all drivers crossing the finish line unharmed,” says Herbert.

MasterDrive shines at Simola Hillclimb

Classic Car Friday

The Simola Hillclimb was kicked off with a nostalgic nod to automotive legends of yester-year during the Classic Car Friday event. “It pays homage to the timeless beauty and raw power of vintage racing cars, showcasing pristine examples while breathing life into the past racing eras.

“We participated in this event for the first time with our Abarth Fiat Uno. Unfortunately, our climb was cut unexpectedly short, yet it was an experience nonetheless that we look forward to conquering next year,” says Herbert. 

King of the Hill

Another achievement seen by MasterDrive was in the King of the Hill event. While the team did not quite make it to a qualifying spot, it was only, just outside of reaching distance. The MasterDrive family is proud of their CEO for his performance on the Hillclimb and looks forward to grasping that milestone next year.

MasterDrive shines at Simola Hillclimb

Driver Search Driver excels

Among the standout moments of the Hillclimb was the journey of Shuaib Dhansay, this year’s Driver Search winner. The General Manager of coastal regions at MasterDrive, Eugene ‘Gino’ Nourse, says: “Dhansay is a 20-year-old automotive enthusiast with a love for motorsport.

“While it was Dhansay’s first time driving in an event with the demanding nature of the Simola Hillclimb, he was driven by sheer determination and training sessions from Performance with Page and Race Driver South Africa (RDSA) to take on the daunting Simola Hillclimb.”

For Dhansay, the race began long before the starting line. “After battling setbacks during the first test sessions, the team raced against time to repair the vehicle with just 10 minutes to spare.

“With the car finally firing on all cylinders, Dhansay embarked on his race up the hill, clinching victory with a time of just 57 seconds, marking a triumphant debut in the world of racing,” says Nourse.

It was another epic Simola Hillclimb for the organisers, support crew, sponsors, drivers, spectators and MasterDrive. “We look forward to next year’s Simola Hillclimb and assuming all these roles at the 2025 event,” says Herbert.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa