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Mercedes-Benz Bus & Coach South Africa offers savvy solutions

The Department of Transport’s strategic goals are to ensure an efficient and integrated infrastructure network that serves as a catalyst for social and economic development; ensure a transport sector that is safe and secure; improve rural access, infrastructure and mobility; improve public transport systems; increase the contribution of the transport sector to job creation; and increase the contribution of the transport sector to environmental protection.

In an effort to support these goals, Mercedes-Benz Bus & Coach South Africa continuously offers ground-breaking products. One of these is the Mercedes- Benz OF 917 RF, a raised-floor bus chassis with a front-mounted 170hp engine with a 9-ton Gross Vehicle Weight.

The MidiBus chassis is equipped with 22 to 40-seater bus bodies, ideal for the commuter and coach segments. Produced at the Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) plant in the south eastern Indian city of Chennai, the Mercedes-Benz OF 917 RF bus chassis is built not only to be comfortable for passengers, but also for the driver.

mercedes-benz bus chassis

The pure Mercedes-Benz Bus chassis makes it body builder-friendly

The pure bus chassis makes it body builder-friendly as it comes with shock absorbers, a 6-speed manual gearbox, and front and rear leaf spring suspension.

The 4D34i in-line diesel engine with electronic diesel control is the heart of the chassis, offering common-rail injection with a peak pressure of 1 600 bar, an exhaust brake system that comes as standard fitment, as well as a twin-valve mechanism in both inlet and exhaust.

In addition to a notably quiet operation complemented by efficient engine cooling for peak performance in all operating conditions, flat engine torque ensures higher pulling power and fewer gear shifts. All these features mean that the engine is one of the most frugal units available.

“The new Mercedes-Benz OF 917 RF bus chassis is the perfect example of what happens when Daimler’s trusted expertise is combined with our valued customers’ inputs: the perfect product,” says Shane Henry, Head of Mercedes-Benz SA Bus & Coach.

Mercedes-Benz Bus & Coach SA also offers the following bus solutions:

  • Mercedes-Benz OF1726: This chassis is of a robust design with steel suspension and good angles of approach and departure, allowing the bus to operate on both tar and rural roads. The chassis is powered with a turbo-charged, intercooled Euro 3 electronically managed engine, resulting in controlled engine performance, low exhaust emission and low fuel consumption. The chassis is equipped with drum brakes for both tar and gravel road use, and a retarder for safety and extended brake lining life.
  • Mercedes-Benz OF1730: This chassis is identical to the OF1726, but has more power.
  • Mercedes-Benz O500 M 1826: The O500 M 1826 is a rear-engined and raised-floor bus chassis with modular design. The components of the chassis are interchangeable with other O500 chassis.
  • Mercedes-Benz O500 U 1826: The O500 U 1826 is a rear-engined and low-entry bus chassis designed to facilitate ease of passenger entering and exiting at pavement height. It is built in such a way that it allows easy access for wheelchairs, even without a wheelchair lift. Consequently, this shortens the embarking and disembarking time.
  • Mercedes-Benz O500 RSD 2436: The O500 RSD 2436 is a raised-floor bus chassis. The air suspension offers additional ride comfort for passengers.


Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa