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Mercedes-Benz Truck Health Check for FREE!

“Calling all Mercedes-Benz 4-year-old’s and older – a free Mercedes-Benz Truck Health Check could be on the cards at your nearest participating ‘doctor’ – sorry, dealer.”

Owners of any Mercedes-Benz truck which is four years old or older, is out of warranty and which hasn’t visited a dealer workshop in the last 12 months, have been invited to take their vehicles to their nearest participating dealer for a free Mercedes-Benz Truck Health Check.

Mercedes-Benz Truck Health Check

In an effort to protect the most important asset of any fleet operator, Mercedes-Benz has launched this free Mercedes-Benz Truck Health Check service across the country at its various accredited dealerships.

Whether measured through factors such as fuel consumption, tyre wear, frequency and cost of replacing parts, or other measures – optimal operating efficiency can only be obtained using a truck ‘in good health’, regardless of its age.

This is one of the reasons Mercedes-Benz has introduced the free service. Click on the banner advertisement of TRUCKS & Heavy Equipment (below or at the top) to learn more about this offer.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa