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Michelin introduces the new Michelin LTX Force in Southern Africa

Michelin, the world’s leading tyre-technology leader, today officially announced the availability of MICHELIN LTX FORCE range in the Southern Africa region. The tyres in the range are all terrain – both on and off road – targeted at SUV and 4×4 vehicles.

Michelin LTX Force

Speaking on this official launch, Gaganjot Singh, Michelin’s Regional Director: Southern Africa said, “We are very excited to be officially announcing the availability of the MICHELIN LTX FORCE. There is much research and development imbued in this tyre, making it the most versatile tyre with impressive on-road and off-road performance. Longevity, tougher design and increased safety all come together, without any trade-offs, to give SUV and 4×4 motorists the best of many worlds.”

From Michelin’s own innovation lab, the tyre boasts several patented technologies that enhance its performance, safety and toughness. Further, the tyre is a great expression of Michelin’s Track to Street philosophy as it leans on technology from the world-renowned World Rally Championship (WRC).

Better Safety Offering

The LTX force has 66% more control when turning on wet roads, compared to the average of its main competitors, and stops 2m shorter than the category average2. This safety offering extends to off-road terrain as well, through CompacTread Technology, a patented feature that offers better grip and enhanced driving safety. This patent offers the tyre reinforcements between tread blocks, thereby increasing contact surface for better traction. These reinforcements, learnt from the WRC, reduce the chances of the tread blocks deforming and compacting, especially when braking, ensuring optimal contact area for grip.

The Michelin LTX FORCE Drives with Comfort

BevelTread Technology, a rounded sloping edge that cuts the peaks of noise power at the frequency sensitive to human ears, is imbued in the tyre, providing a peaceful ride. The tyre also features CushionGuard Technology, a layer of special filtering rubber which absorbs road imperfections, minimizing vibrations and shocks for a more comfortable ride.

Michelin LTX Force

Unparalleled Performance in the SUV and 4×4 Category

The MICHELIN LTX Force lasts 35%1 more than the average of its main competitors. The tyre has RallyForce technology, a rubber compound derived from WRC competition tyres which provides more wear resistance in off-road use. It has deep and open shoulder design and an extended sidewall biting edge which is an additional 1.5mm of rubber thickness that makes for large biting surfaces to give more traction and cut-chip resistance in off-road use.

The MICHELIN LTX FORCE tyre is available from TyrePlus outlets and leading tyre dealers countrywide.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa