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Mission Impossible power for your Amarok

Introduced in 2011, the Volkswagen Amarok has proven itself capable and reliable, and in bi-turbo configuration, the 2.0 litre turbo-diesel engine delivers a very impressive 132kW of power along with 420Nm of torque.

But the team at Steves Auto Clinic, like always, were on a mission to prove that nothing is impossible and they have proven that there is even more power available from this engine and that this power can be tapped safely and reliably with their Mission Impossible (M:I) Volkswagen Amarok upgrade.

Volkswagen Amarok

The new M:I Volkswagen Amarok kit is now available after many months of engine testing and analysis. It builds on SAC’s vast experience in upgrading the engine performance for all the popular South African bakkies, and on the company’s advances in programming several different performance maps onto one chip.

SAC Amarok Plug & PlayBy controlling multiple inputs and engine components in real time, SAC can free up any latent power in the engine, without damaging reliability. In this case they have freed up around 28 percent more power and 22 percent more torque from this underrated bi-turbo diesel engine. This means, in its most powerful mode, the Amarok Bi-TDI kicks out 170kW, up from the already mentioned 132kW in standard form, and the torque sees a similar jump from 420Nm to an impressive 515Nm.

Each upgrade can be done by a specialist at any of the SAC branches countrywide and the performance engineer will make sure that the installation is done correctly and that the power delivery is matched to the engine condition and age, to ensure that your Amarok continues to give you many years of good service.

“People use their bakkies in different circumstances and for different reasons, so we decided to programme several different maps that allow the driver to select different power delivery options based on his need,” says Stephen Fischer, founder of the SAC Group.

The maps include a security option, which renders the engine completely powerless. When selecting this mode, the driver can remove the in-cabin map selector and anyone trying to steal the vehicle will be incapable of driving off in it.

Other maps include a 4×4 and Caravan mode, which gives the Volkswagen Amarok maximum low-down torque for towing or technical off-road work. There is also a fuel consumption option, which remaps the engine power to deliver the best possible fuel consumption. Driving tests in this mode show an improvement that now means you can now get close to VW’s claim of 7.9 litres per 100km combined fuel consumption in standard mode.

SAC Amarok 4

Two extra maps are available on this M:I Amarok power upgrade. The one map preserves the standard specifications of the production model, while the Max Power and Throttle Boost setting unleashes all extra power from the Amarok’s engine for the most rewarding driving experience.

The M:I Amarok upgrade utilises a Plug & Play chip, which means that the unit is plugged into the vehicle’s wiring system and can be unplugged at any time in a matter of minutes.

For enthusiasts who would like to increase engine performance and efficiency even further, SAC has developed a brand new 76mm performance exhaust system for the Amarok. This system, which has been developed specifically for the Amarok, frees up valuable extra horsepower.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa