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New Castrol GTX extends engine life

Castrol GTX Ultra CleanCastrol has unveiled its new generation GTX range of vehicle oils, including a premium Castrol GTX ULTRACLEAN variant using synthetic technology. The new range of lubricants uses a double action formula to help clean away old sludge and protect the engine against the formation of new sludge, helping engines to perform at optimum levels for longer. This ultimately helps extend the life of the engine.

Much like cholesterol’s impact on your body’s blood vessels, sludge can block an engine’s vital oil passages. Sludge decreases engine performance and, if left untreated, can deprive an engine of power and – if left untreated – its life.

David Bouet, managing director for Castrol Africa, says: “We are delighted to bring the new Castrol GTX range to market and offer an enhanced product range to consumers who have known and loved the brand for years.”

The new generation Castrol GTX range available in Sub-Saharan Africa comprises:

  • GTX Diesel 15W-40, and
  • GTX 20W-50

Castrol GTX ULTRACLEAN for better engine protection

Castrol GTXEngines can be subjected to variable fuel quality, heat and unfavourable driving conditions that cause sludge, varnish and carbon to form inside the engine. Variable fuels can lead to a build-up of damaging sludge-like contaminants. Similarly, high temperatures accelerate oil degradation and elevated levels of unburnt oil and contaminants can also contribute to sludge build ups.

These factors can shorten the engine life. Now newly formulated Castrol GTX ULTRACLEAN with synthetic technology helps clean away old sludge and helps prevent new dirt from forming. ULTRACLEAN is the flagship GTX product and the cleanest GTX yet. It contains synthetic technology with double action to help clean and protect the engine, and is boosted with 50%* better engine cleaning power and protection to help extend engine life.

GTX Diesel formulated for Africa’s unique conditions

Designed especially for diesel engines, this new product fights diesel engine problems such as soot and harsh deposits that your engine faces every day. These deposits thicken engine oil, block oil ways, cause wear and decrease performance.

Castrol GTX Diesel is engineered to help clean away and protect against harmful diesel engine deposits. Along with outstanding diesel engine wear protection, it also helps prevent the oil from thickening.

Castrol GTX 20W-50 now offers 60% better protection against oil burn-off

Castrol GTX DieselAs a car engine ages and components wear, oil burns off faster. Over time, this can cause increased engine wear, shortening engine life. Castrol GTX 20W-50 is a unique formulation specifically engineered to meet the changing needs of high-mileage vehicles.

Formulated to help reduce compression loss and protects seals for longer, its technology is proven to provide 60% superior oil burn-off protection versus the tough industry standard**. By protecting higher mileage engines from oil burn-off, GTX 20W-50 helps extend the life of an engine.

“The new generation of Castrol’s GTX introduces a robust engine lubricant portfolio suitable for use across Africa’s vast and unique car parc, and to suit our variable fuel and road conditions. We, at Castrol, have never been more excited about an oil change,” Bouet concludes.

In South Africa, the new generation GTX range will be available from 13 June at all reputable auto accessory stores and workshops.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa