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New Crown ESR 1000 Series – driving Logistics 4.0 and IoT

Latest from Goscor Lift Truck Company is Crown’s new ESR 1000 Series reach trucks. The range’s future-proof Gena operating system optimises performance and makes vital information easy to see, understand and use, while the full connectivity makes it ideally suited for challenges of Logistics 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

Recent developments in forklift technology have resulted in cutting-edge reach

Recent developments in forklift technology have resulted in cutting-edge reach trucks that are much smarter, offering an array of benefits to the end user. A true case in point is Crown’s new ESR 1000 range of reach trucks – comprising the ESR 1020 with narrow chassis, the ESR 1040 and the ESR 1060 for intensive use.

A key talking point on the range – to be launched locally by Crown’s southern African distributor, Goscor Lift Truck Company (GLTC) – is its technological appeal, championed by the new Gena operating system. The system creates a particularly intuitive and safer user experience via a 7-inch colour touchscreen with a variety of customisable widgets and assistance systems such as Auto Height Select and Capacity Data Monitor.

Patrick Barber, Sales Director at GLTC, says of note is that InfoLink is seamlessly integrated into Gena and can be enabled for a fee on customer request.

“Via the Gena display, operators have a variety of new safety and coaching functions. The full connectivity via GSM and Wi-Fi makes the ESR 1000 Series fit for the challenges of Logistics 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT),”

says Barber.

“The ESR 1000 takes a considerable leap forward in reach truck design, building on the award-winning ESR 5200 Series. Customers can now benefit from advanced productivity, safety and management capabilities as standard features, thanks to the Gena operating system and InfoLink,”

adds Barber.

The range

The ESR 1020 is available in 1,4 tonne (t) and 1,6 t capacities. With its

maximum lift height of 9 090 mm, the narrow chassis model is ideal for confined spaces, block stacking applications and rack aisles only 2,5 m wide.

The ESR 1040 is available in 1,4 t and 1,6 t capacities. The standard width model is a value-packed solution that doesn’t compromise on durability or operator comfort. It offers a maximum lift height of 9 450 mm and a maximum lift speed of 0,61 m/s.

Designed for heavier loads, higher lift heights and greater throughput, the ESR 1060 is available in 1,4; 1,6; or 2 t capacities. The model offers a maximum lift height of 13 560 mm, overall width of 1 285 mm and maximum lift speed of 0,8 m/s.

Working smarter at height

We all know that positioning forks and loads at height can be a daunting

task. On ESR reach trucks, operators will work with skill and precision at any height without compromising productivity. Programmable features – Xpress Lower, intuitive displays, one-touch controls and camera options – all work in union to optimise performance. Advanced hydraulics and motors, including regenerative lowering systems, deliver smoother, quieter and faster lowering.

The Optional Xpress Lower technology lets the operator double lowering speeds, resulting in substantial savings in time and money.

”With the Xpress Lower technology, the mast lowering speed has been doubled to 1,1 m/s, which is unique in the market. This allows productivity increases of up to 21%,”

says Barber.

The ESR’s Auto Height Select (AHS) fe

ature automatically stops the forks at programmed rack heights, either by selecting the desired destination on the screen or by using the one-touch button to stop at the next programmed height. Its precise, automated positioning capabilities help avoid product, rack and truck damage, while improving throughput significantly.

The ESR’s optional Tilt Position Assist compensates for mast and carriage deflection and automatically levels forks relative to the ground for more precise positioning. Camera options for the forks or mast further optimise load handling and positioning.

Driving efficiency

Energy saving is one measure of efficiency. Working smarter to get more done with much less effort is another. Crown ESR reach trucks offer both, thanks to the Gena operating system – everything on the ESR is linked to Gena. Sensors integrated throughout the truck gather real-time data on operating conditions, control input and system output.

High-speed processors and proprietary algorith

ms adjust operating parameters for safe, efficient performance. This includes Crown’s AC motors, which incorporate the latest generation motor control and the highest thermal rating in the industry.

Operators will also benefit from features such as regenerative braking and lowering, which recover energy for longer runtime. The regenerative lowering and braking functions enable energy savings of up to 11%.

“e-GEN Braking saves energy while improving brake performance and life. The high-torque traction motor provides smooth braking while returning energy to the system. Regenerative lowering, included with Xpress Lower, recaptures energy as the mast is lowered and returns it to the system for a significant runtime advantage,”

explains Barber.

The OnTrac Anti Slip Traction Control ensures optimum tractive performance in wet, dusty or freezer applications.

“Crown’s patented OnTrac Anti-Slip Traction Control reduces tyre spin during acceleration, plugging and braking. The Gena operating system analyses truck speed, wheel revolutions and driver inputs to optimise tractive performance and increase tyre life,”

concludes Barber.


Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa