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Trackmatic shares how to unlock the potential of transcendent BI

Trackmatic, a trailblazer in people-led, tech-enabled mobility solutions for the supply chain industry, will be presenting at the SA GeoTech 2019 conference on Tuesday 23rd July 2019.  Business Intelligence Analyst, Sean Hurwitz, will be debunking the myths and misconceptions that surround analytics and business intelligence (BI) and will be discussing practical ways that companies can mine real business value from transcendent BI.

Trackmatic - Sean Hurwitz

“Data has long been considered the black gold of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), driving the potential of business and capability beyond expected parameters and into new markets and innovations,” says David Slotow, CEO of Trackmatic. “However, many organisations have become disillusioned with their data. It hasn’t delivered, met expectations or provided the anticipated return on investment. The problem isn’t the data, it’s the questions that are asked and the technology that’s used to harness it.”

In the presentation ‘Insights Driven Technology’,  Hurwitz will be analysing how organisations can fully utilise the power of data to make critical business choices, radically increase performance, and create clear business metrics and reporting to drive collaborative business improvement initiatives across all internal and external stakeholders. Data has potential, it just has to be used intelligently before it can deliver any long-term value. It also has to be harnessed with the right tools and many organisations have to overcome two significant hurdles to adoption – resistance to change and the lack of a data-literate culture.

“Many employees are resistant to analytics tools and platforms that claim to have a deeper view of the data than they do,” explains Hurwitz. “Users want to retain control over the data, they want to see the numbers and manually interpret the insights to understand what the data is telling them. This is an incredibly time-consuming process that is prone to human error and delays. Now is the time to change employee opinion and business potential through the use of solutions that engage with them from the outset.”

However, not all solutions are created equal, not all technology is capable of delivering to the exacting standards of transcendent BI. This is further hampered by the fact that often the organisation isn’t asking the right questions and often stakeholders question data validity. Organisations need to build a culture of data literacy to enable employees at every level to ask powerful questions about the business and to gain clarity and understanding around the key levers to pull and metrics to watch in order to invest in the right business projects and initiatives.

Trackmatic - David SlotowTrackmatic has developed its technology solutions with transcendent BI as the ultimate end outcome. Its objective is to help clients improve their business flow by providing them with real-time actionable data for improved decision-making across the supply chain.

“It is time to let go of spreadsheets in favour of interactive reporting systems that tell the true story of the business, are visually definitive, and centralise all the data into one critical dashboard outlining business performance,” says Slotow. “We have evolved how companies and employees experience data visualisation, providing dashboards that allow them to immediately see the data and answer deep business decisions in seconds. Our system can pick up customer feedback or driver behaviour across hundreds of kilometres, telling a story that makes sense. A story that provides strategically aligned business answers.”

Hurwitz’s presentation will provide critical insight into, the technology, visualisation tools and the critical implementation steps needed to make BI work for businesses so that it can fundamentally transform organisational culture and capability. On Tuesday 23 July at 15h30, the myths and misconceptions of transcendent BI will be debunked and replaced with practical and simple examples of how BI and data can change industry and business potential, right now.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa