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RDW approval for camera/monitor system CornerEye

World premiere: Orlaco makes front and kerb mirrors redundant

Barneveld, The Netherlands – Truck manufacturers no longer have to equip their trucks with mirrors. Orlaco is the first company to receive an RDW approval to deliver a camera/monitor system that replaces both mirrors for class V and VI (front and kerb view) entirely: CornerEye. With this innovation, Orlaco expects to increase safety and decrease damages in the transport industry.

CornerEye Class V and VI in one display - Mirrors for Class V and VI are removed
Class V and VI in one display – Mirrors for Class V and VI are removed

Until now, camera and monitors systems were only allowed on trucks when combined with either or both mirrors. CornerEye is the first system that makes truck mirrors (front and kerb view) redundant with its component approval. The RDW has tested the system according to the R46 guideline for indirect view and has given its approval for its application. As of now, the first trucks that solely deploy this system are in use.

Extremely wide view

CornerEye consists of a camera and monitor; both are of High Definition quality. The camera with wide angle lens is mounted on the right front side of the cabin and provides a large field of vision of 270 degrees. The 10,1 inch monitor is mounted in the cabin on the passenger’s side and shows a real time image. The driver’s view goes beyond the mandatory fields of view (class V and class VI)!

Much safer and more practical

CornerEye’s advantages are extensive and diverse. Most importantly, traffic safety is improved. Cameras provide better view and image quality than regular mirrors. Proper view and image quality are also guaranteed under unfavorable circumstances, such as rain, fog, snow, and bright sunlight. The light sensitive camera provides proper vision at night as well and the sturdy housing (IP69K) effectively protects against water and chemicals. Due to these technical performances the risk for accidents and damages is greatly reduced; which in turn reduces the insurance rate and amount of consequential damages.

The fact that adjusting the mirrors’ positions per individual is no longer necessary is another important advantage. Once mounted, the system has the proper position for every driver. Furthermore, Orlaco expects that the lack of mirrors decreases drag and thus saves fuel.

CornerEye view (top position) versus Mirror view
CornerEye view (top position) versus Mirror view

Also EMC approved

In order to meet RDW requirements, CornerEye has also been EMC approved according to the R10 guideline for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). In other words, the system is not hindered by other electronics in the truck such as a radio, navigational systems and cellphones, and likewise does not hinder these electronics in turn.

Installation support for CornerEye

Orlaco delivers CornerEye mostly to truck builders and dealers, but the system is also suitable for heavy equipment (surveillance). The exact positioning of the camera and monitor needs to be exactly and differs per truck type. Because of that, truck builders that want to install CornerEye as an Original Equipment Manufacturer shall be supported by Orlaco with specialized knowledge and experience.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa