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Road safety challenge

It happens this time every year. There are news headlines of the anticipated record holiday traffic volume, the high crash rates and soon after, the tragic stories of victims fallen and families devastated in crashes caused by weather, holiday stress and pressure, exhaustion, distraction, a combination of those factors or simply a lack of awareness of the dangers.

holiday traffic

This is where MasterDrive will step in and play their part in reducing the unacceptably high fatality rates of the holiday season. For the next few weeks MasterDrive will be distributing content that deals specifically with common causes of crashes and challenges that many drivers will encounter over this holiday period. This will arm South Africans and their families with the knowledge to help keep them safe this December.

holiday traffic

The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says the holiday driving series will provide drivers with informative and practical tips that they can use throughout December and into 2019. “Knowledge is power. Most of us, at some point during this time, will tell our friends and family to drive safely. Yet, what do these words mean if we do not educate and inform ourselves on road safety?

“If every driver puts the effort in to learn more about what they as an individual can do, the impact on road fatalities can be huge. Join MasterDrive in this effort and encourage other drivers to do so as well. I would like to thank every South African motorist for the role they play in creating safer roads and with this knowledge, you have the potential to drive safely,” says Herbert.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa