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Robust Hyundai R1250-9 excavators replace R1200-9 series

HPE Africa has launched new Hyundai R1250-9 excavators which replace the previous R1200-9 series.

Advanced features of this range include new features for higher efficiencies, easier maintenance, greater safety and improved operator comfort.

Robust Hyundai R1250-9 excavators replace R1200-9 series

These machines, with an operating weight of 118 000 kg, have an engine output of 567 kW at 1 800 rpm and a maximum travel speed of 3,2 km/hr.

Features for precision control include a smart auto boom-swing priority, computer-aided power (CAPO) and an improved hydraulic system. Hyundai’s advanced CAPO system interfaces with multiple sensors throughout the hydraulic system, as well as the electronically controlled engine, to provide the optimum level of engine power and hydraulic flow for maximum performance and productivity. This system also provides complete self-diagnostic features and digital gauges for critical information, including hydraulic oil and water temperatures and fuel levels.

E (Economy) mode provides precise flow and engine power

Operators are able to easily select the correct power mode for specific applications. For example, P (Power Max) mode maximises machine speed and power for mass production. S (Standard) mode provides a reduced, fixed rpm for optimum performance, greater control and improved fuel economy. E (Economy) mode provides precise flow and engine power, based on load demand. By using the versatile U (User) mode, the operator can customise engine speed, pump output, idle speed and other precise machine settings for the specific job.

Robust Hyundai R1250-9 excavators replace R1200-9 series

The new 9-series cabin incorporates high-strength steel, which is integrally welded, to form a stronger and more durable upper and lower frame. Robust full track rail guards keep track links in place. The strengthened undercarriage has been designed for high productivity in harsh conditions, especially at quarries and mines.

Operator comfort enhances productivity, which is why Hyundai has added advanced design features to this series, including a wider cabin width, an adjustable seat and excellent visibility.

The new operator-friendly cluster, with a 7 inch LCD screen and toggle switch, allows the operator to easily select specific machine preferences for every application. Various controls, including power and work mode, self-diagnostics, optional rear-view camera, maintenance checklists, start-up machine security and video functions, have been integrated into the cluster for versatility and high productivity.

Steel VHD bushings with a greater clamping force

Adjustable cabin guards, work lamps, wide cat-walks, large handrails and anti-slip plates improve safety for the operator and maintenance teams.

These new machines have enhanced features for simplified maintenance and extended service life of components over the previous series. Improvements include a new auto-grease system, a high-efficiency fuel filter and a new arm and boom cylinder hose. Steel VHD bushings with a greater clamping force, replace bronze bushings. Remote drain types have been fitted to the gear box and engine and the service window of the fuel drain has been implemented.

HPE Africa – exclusive distributors in Southern Africa for Hyundai Construction Equipment – distributes wheel loaders, wheeled and tracked excavators, backhoe loaders and skid steer loaders. The company also supplies and support McCloskey crushing and screening units and Soosan hydraulic hammers and quick couplers.

The company operates a countrywide network of a well-equipped spares and workshop outlets.

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Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa