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Safety & Security Students Welcomed To Rosslyn Plant

UD Trucks Southern Africa today welcomed 40 final year students from the Tshwane University of Technology’s Safety and Security Management Department to its Rosslyn plant and head office.

Safety & Security Students Welcomed To Rosslyn Plant

“As a local truck manufacturer, it was a wonderful opportunity to address these students who will one day be involved in possibly formulating, implementing and enforcing legislation that has an effect on the transport industry,” said Rory Schulz, Marketing Director of UD Trucks Southern Africa.

Riaan Riekert, lecturer from TUT, said, “it was a great opportunity for our students to learn from an industry-player first hand, especially to gain some insight into their perspective as a manufacturer when it comes to legislation, safety and quality standards.”

Students were taken on an interactive tour of the company’s assembly plant, and learned more about the company’s history, current and future activities, products, processes and training.

Safety & Security Students Welcomed To Rosslyn Plant

The students showed a lot of interest in the assembly processes, and kept the tour leaders busy with lots of insightful questions and comments.

“Here at the UD Trucks plant, safety and quality are our first priorities. We are very proud of our team and of the work we do, and were very happy to host the students to show them this unique part of the transport industry,” said Aubrey Rambau, GM of Manufacturing at the UD Trucks Assembly plant.

Tristan Wiggill
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