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Second certified DP trainer for GLTC

In a move that will allow the company to train more staff to raise the knowledge pool within the organisation, GLTC has invested in the certification of a second Demonstrative Performance (DP) trainer by its principal, Crown.

Shane du Toit has become Goscor Lift Truck Company’s second certified DP trainer

Shane du Toit has become Goscor Lift Truck Company’s second certified DP trainer. After undergoing Crown’s DP TrainSafe Train-the-Trainer programme in the UK, Du Toit was certified as a DP trainer in September 2019, and joins his mentor and Training Manager, Pieter Stoop as the second DP trainer at GLTC.

GLTC is excited to have a second certified DP trainer within its ranks. According to Lex Winson, National Service

Manager at GLTC, having two DP trainers allows the leading materials handling equipment provider to train a large number of its employees, thereby raising the knowledge base within the company.

“With two DP trainers, GLTC can now focus on more areas of training without delaying or changing the current training programme,”

says Winson.

“Our customers can have peace of mind knowing that all of our technicians will be armed with the most up-to-date and relevant training provided by our DP trainers at our training centre. This not only ensures that we offer a world-class aftermarket and product support service, but also allows our customers to benefit from the lowest total cost of ownership,”

adds Winson.

Given that technical skills are the lifeblood of its business

Given that technical skills are the lifeblood of its business, GLTC has over the years committed hefty investments into developing the skills it needs now and well into the future. Du Toit’s certification as a DP trainer comes right after the recent graduation of the first intake (class of 2018) from GLTC’s merSETA training college.

Du Toit started at Goscor in 2016 as a workshop assistant under the mentorship of Pieter Stoop, doing everything from service to uprighting machines. When Stoop qualified as a DP trainer in 2017, he requested to keep Du Toit as part of his team. When the decision to have a second DP trainer was made, Stoop selected Du Toit as he was the most promising candidate to undertake the position.

DP Service Training workshops are a combination of traditional hands-on training

Crown’s DP Service Training workshops are a combination of traditional classroom and practical hands-on training with instructor supervision. During the week-long training in the UK, Du Toit impressed Crown’s top instructors with his knowledge of the product and ability to impart it to others.

“We were very impressed by Shane,”

says Reiner Reichethalhammer, Manager Service Training at Crown UK.

“His knowhow of Crown products and his interaction with students is exceptional. I was also fascinated by his personality and how he talks to people, acknowledge them and supports them. He has everything in him to deliver Crown DP training in our way. He fully understands the process and its benefits. It was a great week for our UK instructors and me seeing him taking over the role of instructor.”

Reichethalhammer says GLTC can be pleased to have a DP trainer of Du Toit’s calibre, as he will definitely help the company’s technicians a lot.

“I am totally convinced that GLTC picked the right person for this trip and this job,”

concludes Reichethalhammer.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa