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Tadano and Babcock – a winning formula

Craig Sanday Tadano
Craig Sanday, General Manager of Babcock-Tadano Cranes

Manufactured by the Tadano-Faun Group, Tadano cranes have achieved a reputation in the market with their range of mobile lifting equipment – be it rough terrain, all-terrain or until recently their new telescopic boom, crawler mounted Mantis crane. Tadano-Faun have maintained their reputation by developing cranes in line with market requirements. Using the synergies of the world-wide company has been the hallmark of the Tadano Group and remains an ongoing commitment to their customers in the international market.

The history of Tadano is in effect the history of the hydraulic crane industry in Japan. While constantly seeking to satisfy customer needs, tirelessly pursuing technological development and offering a complete line-up of an outstanding range of products, with two of the most outstanding beingthe Mantis range and the all-terrain cranes.

The Tadano Mantis range of crawler cranes highlighted the emphasis on versatility which the Tadano Group has achieved with their products. The GTC-300EX 27-ton Crawler is the most performance-driven, telescopic crawler crane on the world market, designed and built specifically for heavy
duty applications.

The compact dimensions and the ability to “walk” with 27 tons suspended and place the load anywhere within a radius of 360 degrees places the unit in a league of its own.

The AFT220G-5 all-terrain is an impressive machine, with a lifting capacity of 220 tons, hydraulic boom length of 68m and a fly jib of 37,2m, giving a total boom length of 105,2m. The latest in safety technology has been built into this crane, and of particular importance is the unique lift adjuster function, an innovative system that eliminates load sway caused by the deflection of long telescopic booms when lifting the load off the ground. By automatically adjusting the angle of the boom, the lift adjuster compensates for this boom flex.

Crane one Tadano

“Tadano have recognised the value and the economic sense in an all-terrain crane and are working on a 500-ton version which will probably be available next year and will be part of the ’Global Series’ a strategic global model that can be supplied anywhere in the world,” said Craig Sanday, General Manager of Babcock-Tadano Cranes.

Rough-terrain cranes must have the ability of traversing the most severe off-road conditions in order to reach Tadano and Babcock – a winning formula Craig Sanday, General Manager of Babcock-Tadano Cranes. their work stations, and the Tadano GR-350XL is no exception when it comes to negotiating uneven and broken terrain. The GR-350XL has a safety rating of 85% and is one model in the line-up that ranges from 30- to 90-tons capacity.

The nature of these cranes and their working environment demands a high level of safety features and the Tadano rough-terrain cranes are manufactured in accordance with stringent quality and regulatory requirements for their safe handling of materials.

Since the tie up with Faun, Tadano has gained great momentum in establishing an overseas production system and worldwide sales network.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa