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Criterion Equipment’s TCM forklift trucks ensure safe and dependable operation

Criterion Equipment – exclusive distributors of TCM forklift trucks in southern Africa works closely with companies in almost every sector, including specialists in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) business.

FMCG companies – which operate in a highly-competitive environment, in terms of constant price, quality and delivery pressures – demand the assurance of dependable materials handling and logistics systems, to ensure optimum productivity – from the handling of raw materials to the dispatch of finished goods,”

says Brenton Kemp, Managing Director of Criterion Equipment, part of Capital Equipment Group of Invicta Holdings Limited.

“Packaging integrity of consumer products is critical, which is why extra care must be taken during the transportation and storage of goods that will be placed on supermarket or pharmacy shelves. Damage to products and packaging during transport or storage compromises the quality of goods that consumers expect and are usually rejected, which is an unnecessary cost to the manufacturer or distributor.

The Criterion team has a thorough understanding of the importance of efficient handling in manufacturing processes and warehousing, coupled with the integrated logistics strategy in each FMCG business. The company offers an advisory service to ensure investment in the correct forklift truck, that is best suited for every operation. It is important that the suitable forklift is used to receive and transport raw materials and goods, quickly, safely and efficiently, without damage to the product or packaging, during handling.

Machine selection is based on the layout of the manufacturing plant and warehouse facility, where there may be narrow aisles, which limit forklift movement and a vertically stacked storage system that may require an electrically operated machine to lift goods safely from height. If goods are stored on a horizontal rack, this may necessitate another model of forklift.

In addition to correct forklift selection, it is important to introduce a professional operator training programme and to implement a structured maintenance programme to ensure extended service life of every machine.”

A success story for Criterion Equipment is the long association with a leading FMCG company

specialising in the manufacture and supply of well-known and trusted brands of feminine hygiene products. This was also the first company in South Africa to invest in the TCM STW14T-B straddle stacker, in 2018.

According to this KwaZulu-Natal-based company, they invested in TCM forklifts because of the brand’s reputation for durable, well-priced machines, which are enhanced by dependable support from the Criterion Equipment team. At a time in the FMCG industry, when ‘cost vs quality’ is critical and trade is increasingly difficult, businesses are focusing on cost-saving projects. Key factors in material handling equipment selection include economical performance, easy operation, safety, simplified maintenance and dependable support of the supplier.

This FCMG’s fleet of eco-friendly TCM machines comprises two FG25T3C forklifts and two STW14T-B straddle stackers, which are used for receiving, dispatch and movement of raw materials and finished goods. Every product that reaches the shelf must adhere to pristine standards demanded by the retail sector, in terms of product and packaging integrity.

This company, which has been recognised locally for meeting stringent global industry standards, values product quality, cost-efficiency and customer satisfaction and is constantly looking to expand its product range.

Criterion Equipment’s range comprises all models of TCM forklift trucks, covering most forklift classes. These include Internal Combustion (IC) counter-balance trucks, electric counter-balance trucks, reach trucks, powered pallet trucks and rough terrain forklifts. Mast configurations vary from standard two stage 3 m masts to high-reach three stage masts.

Criterion Equipment’s national workshop facilities, which stock original TCM replacement parts, are equipped with the latest equipment to guarantee every machine adheres to original manufacturing standards.

The TCM range is designed for high efficiency, safe operation, low maintenance requirements and extended service life. These machines are used in diverse industries, including warehousing and logistics, manufacturing, packaging, agriculture, construction, mining and general industry.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa