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Trackmatic wins Gold at Logistics Achiever Awards

In a gala ceremony at the iconic 30-year Logistics Achiever Awards (LAA) on 11 October 2018, Trackmatic received a Gold Award for Developing Innovative Technology to Improve Delivery Efficiency & Customer Service for Coricraft.

The LAA awards recognises professionalism and excellence in the effective application of strategic, tactical, and operational logistics and supply chain management principles, concepts, and practices in Southern Africa. It encourages all companies and organisations in Southern Africa to review, evaluate, and upgrade their current logistics and supply chain management practices.

“We are honoured to win this prestigious Gold award. Being recognised as a trailblazer in the logistics world is an incredible achievement,” says David Slotow, CEO of Trackmatic.

“Our success is attributed to our co-creative partnership with Coricraft over the last four years. We seek opportunities to turn logistics on its head by finding unconventional software solutions that address longstanding industry challenges and continuously push the boundaries of what is possible. Our technology is centred around providing critical data and insight to empower clients to address the right operational levers needed to radically improve last mile efficiencies and enhance customer delight. Its not what we do for our clients, but what our clients can do for their customers that drives our passion”, says Slotow.

Trackmatic and Coricraft were awarded for their accomplishment

Trackmatic and Coricraft were awarded for their accomplishment in attaining astonishing improvements in key business areas. Overall, the partnership has managed to achieve an improvement in customer service satisfaction by 80%, a 27% increase in delivery accuracy, a 33% improvement in on-time departures and a return on time upturn of 36%. Overtime bills have significantly decreased by a staggering 19%. In addition, the time to delivery has been reduced from a previous three-hour lead time to an average 32 minutes with a meaningful increase in route efficiency of 86%. There was also a noticeable improvement in turnaround adherence time of 94%.

Last mile logistics in South Africa is notoriously troublesome due to unique obstacles such as the lack of infrastructure, address inaccuracy, security challenges, and increasing customer expectations which impacts on delivery timing, fuel costs and efficiency. For Coricraft, this was compounded by the complexity of delivering irregular size furniture that requires skilled unpacking and assembly upon delivery as well as increasing business pressure to get goods to customers faster and more cost effectively. These issues were negatively affecting its customer relationships and brand reputation.

Coricraft’s strategic objective was to surprise and delight their customers, ensuring a magical shopper experience at every touchpoint in the delivery journey – from in-store to customer door. Coricraft implemented Trackmatic’s Last Mile Driver-Led Visibility® Solution which is a cloud based, mobility solution that provides live, real-time exception-based notifications, CRM, full voice call recording and audit logging to empower drivers with the ability to engage customers. It also includes a feature rich, interactive expediter dashboard to enable real-time and agile decision-making to proactively manage and prevent delivery issues, thereby turning Last Miles into Smiles.

Craig Schneeberger, COO of Coricraft, chose Trackmatic because of its unconventional approach to problem-solving and its determination to create and customise its technology to meet the unique business requirements of Coricraft.

“We are extremely proud of what we have been able to accomplish as a business and for the industry. The improvements we have seen to date is testament to the value of a technology partner that is pioneering, cutting-edge, highly skilled and is incredibly hands-on” says Schneeberger.

“This is only the beginning! We look forward to blazing new trails and achieving continuous break-throughs,” Slotow concludes.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa