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UD Trucks Unveils New Kuzer HCV

Made to deliver extra, UD Trucks’ new Heavy Commercial truck, Kuzer, has been launched in Southern Africa.

UD Trucks Kuzer

“Kuzer addresses fleet owners’ requirements for an efficient, safe and dependable commercial truck,” said Gert Swanepoel, managing director of UD Trucks Southern Africa.  “Following the vision of UD Trucks’ founder, Kenzo Adachi, to make the truck the world needs today, Kuzer has been developed and built with robust design, modern solutions and a robust engine.”

With a 150HP engine, optimised driveline, fuel coaching technology and integrated telematics, Kuzer is a flexible 4×2 freight carrier perfectly suited to today’s transport environment.

Kuzer is specifically aimed at fleets that are looking for flexibility to operate in the urban logistics environment, but which can just as easily serve as mini-compactors or as robust delivery vehicles for bakeries in rural areas.

The name “Kuzer” itself is inspired by the Japanese onomatopoetic sound of wind, taking on the meaning ‘run as if flying swiftly against the wind’.  Kuzer is all about manoeuvrability with a short turning radius to quickly move in and out of docking bays and tight parking spots.  With a large and comfortable cab, Kuzer also provides a better working environment for operators and their crews who use their truck as a mobile office, stopping and off-loading cargo multiple times a day.

“There are potential in the light heavy commercial vehicle segment with an increasing demand for durable and efficient trucks to support the productivity of businesses in an ever-changing business environment. We believe Kuzer will contribute to smarter logistics, distribution and commerce in South Africa,” said Swanepoel.

Kuzer has been developed and tested for more than five years to live up to UD Trucks’ core value of “Ultimate Dependability”. It is also the proud carrier of UD Trucks’ heritage and design, with the hexagon grille as the main design feature.

Drivers were the focus in the development of Kuzer.  Fitted with air-conditioning, cruise control and 6-speed manual gearbox, Kuzer is a flexible fit for urban driving.  Wider doors and bigger and more equipped cabs allow for easy access and operation, even for drivers who spend the whole day on the roads.

“We believe in putting people first,” said Swanepoel.  “That’s why key features where included in Kuzer to improve visibility and ventilation, enhance collision safety and reduce driver fatigue as much as possible.”

With renowned Japanese technology at its heart, the world-class engine management system features a fuel injection system that makes it perfect for urban distribution.  The new generation 3.8-litre CRS system that allows for easier driving on steep terrain and higher maximum speeds.

“A higher power and torque give better control on any road surface, making it a perfect match for the local distribution sector,” said Swanepoel.  “It is all about having power and performance on demand.”

The lightweight DOMEX chassis provides better stability at high speeds, and the wider frame makes tight manoeuvres easy.    The robust chassis also ensures durability and reliability, even on challenging rural roads to deliver essentials such as bread to outlying communities.

Connectivity, Fuel Efficiency and Uptime

With rising fuel costs battering the bottom line of every fleet business, fuel efficiency is key to Kuzer’s success.  That is why, for instance, a highly-efficient turbocharger controls the emission system and gear ratios were optimised.

Ultimately, the integrated fuel coaching system is key to fuel efficient driving, as it continually prompts drivers to drive in the optimal ‘green band’ for best performance and efficiency.

Fleet owners can always stay connected to their fleets with the UD Trucks Telematics System, which comes as standard on all Kuzer units.  This includes fuel advice services where UD Trucks can analyse driving behaviour and help truck drivers improve their driving and subsequently reduce a fleet’s fuel costs.

UD Trucks Telematics Systems also include innovative geofencing technology to identify and set the fastest routes for your drivers, saving you time and money.

Additional features include Vehicle Health Monitoring, whereby the system automatically alerts a UD dealer when a potential problem arises. Preventative Maintenance Planning forms the basis of uptime and keeps the service plan updated and ensure that a truck comes to the workshop at the right time.  It also features advanced onboard diagnostics, which allows UD Trucks technicians to monitor a truck’s health remotely.  This means that any maintenance is done proactively, keeping a fleet’s trucks on the road.

“Kuzer was made to be a productive asset to any fleet, with a focus on uptime, fuel efficiency, driver comfort and safety,” said Swanepoel.  “Kuzer was made to deliver extra, every time.”

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa